Need model number of a Kodak 8mm camcorder from the 80's

Back in the early 80’s, Kodak put out an 8mm camcorder. The first models were one-piece deals done up in silver. Later, they changed them to modular setups. I’m trying to find one of these, but have no idea of the model number. Googling doesn’t help since I end up with newer (90’s) models.

Anyone remember these?

“In February 1984, photo giant Kodak introduced a new camcorder format, 8mm, in its first 8mm camcorder, the KodaVision 2000”

Also, if you visit your local library looking at the National Geographics from the 80’s the ad’s would probably give you info about ever Kodak camcorder sold in that period.

Here are all the Kodak model #'s for their camcorders. These were OEM’d by Mash/Panasonic for them.

Kodak Camcorder Model #

2200 KV-100
2400 KV-100
Kodavision 8mm KV-100

Thanks for the info!