Need More Tigers

Here’s a suggestion we received in our feedback inbox today. I’m interested in thoughts from the masses; should we seriously consider these suggestions?

I’m thinking you could use all these components in a single awesome Tiger movie. You just need some hack to write unifying fragments of script to fuse the vignettes into a plot-like narrative. Actual plot would seem to be not necessary in the eyes of your correspondent.

I found that suggestion to be chock full of awesome. I had no idea how much I wanted to see a tiger movie…

I think #2 is just ridiculous. That would never happen in real life.

#5 would be an awesome movie if it was fleshed out a little more.

Ok, so after the tiger cub is eaten by the whale the momma tiger seeks revenge. Show her getting all buff in a montage like in Rocky and then she goes on a Rambo like killing spree on the whole pod of whales and Greenpeace has to step in to stop the tiger from making ALL whales extinct but she refuses to so congress passes a law making it illegal for whales and tigers to kill each other but the momma tiger doesn’t care and she goes on killing. So the LAPD step in and arrest the tiger and throw her in jail where sadly she gets shivved on her first night in the pokey but she recovers and to stay safe she joins the bloods. Eventually she gets out of jail and goes to live with Andy and Red in Mexico where they run a successful sport fishing company and she becomes the captain of one of their boats.

I’d totally pay to see that.

[TTT]Those are some GGGGRRREEAAT suggestions![/TTT]

I’d watch the hell out of it.

But you should still send that in to

Did Michael give his last name?

Is it Bay?

I dunno, I’d put a hold on that tiger. Save that tiger for another day.

Just out of curiosity was the suggestion signed “Hobbes”?

Man, that’s just more spam from one of those shady online tiger retailers. The reputable sites like don’t have to stoop to those sorts of tactics.

could be wicked cool as a bollywood movie…

This could be a great plot. Indie filmmaker gets funding from a rich, young heir contingent on those events being in the movie.

I want Tigers…On A Plane!

  1. Quicksand should be somehow involved.

Alternate ending:

Eventually, she gets out of jail and goes to live with Andy and Aunt Bea in Mayberry, where she marries Floyd the Barber and accidentally eats Barney.