Need New York-y Restaurant Suggestions

[Rula Lenska] “Friends are visiting from Europe.” [/Rula Lenska] Australia, actually. I was going to take them to the Algonquin, of course, as it’s the only place I eat out in the city, my home away from home. But, blast it, other friends of his are already taking him there! Bastards.

So I’m at a loss. Anyone know of any good New York-y place I can take him to, that is quaint or colorful and fairly easy to get to? Quality of food doesn’t matter as much as history/atmosphere.

Iconic, New York eateries:

Tavern On The Green

Empire Diner

Katz Deli

Carnegie Deli

Not necessarily great food, but very memorable.

Dear, you do know Australia isn’t in Europe, don’t you?

Don’t know why but they seem to take it personally if one makes that mistake. Just a word to the wise…

Keen’s Chophouse on 36th just east of 6th. Venerable old broiled-meat mecca with a million clay pipes hanging from the ceilings. A bit pricey, but if you frequent the Gonk, it shouldn’t stun you.

I just want to say that I am shocked - shocked! - that Eve is asking for help on finding New York icons.

Sardi’s? The 21 Club? The Rainbow Room? Are all the places mentioned in those old movies now gone?

Bobby Vans Steakhouse

Or if you want a simple pub, with Bass ale and Guiness on tap, check out the Ear Inn at 325 Spring Street.

The Guest House? The Falls? Scores? These places have all been mentioned in the Post.

Places not mentione that I’ve heard of:

The Four Seasons
Le Cirque
Tom’s Restaurant (Seinfeld)
Russian Tea Room

Brooklyn Diner? I hear it mentioned on Opie & Anthony a lot.

I’ve taken a few Europeons and Ozzies to Ben & Jerrys on 8th & 42nd for dessert and coffee. Impresses the hell out of them.

21? The Four Seasons? I’m a writer, dears, not Jackie O. Sadly, the Russian Tea Room (the real one) is long-gone, as is Le Cirque (and, more sadly, McGurk’s Suicide Hall). There’s a nice, very old burger place in the East 20s: Old Town something or other. Ring a bell with anyone?

(Yes, I know Australia is not in Europe, I just wanted to do my Ruuuula Lenska impression)

The Old Town Bar and Restaurant? East 18th Street, near Union Square?

The Manhattan Chili Company

Ah, I think that’s it, thanks. Looking it up, it dates from 1892, the food’s good, not too expensive, and it has nice cozy booths for chatting.

Holy cow, I too find it hard to believe someone living/working in NYC, one of the restaurant capitals of the world would really need suggestions on where to take someone other than The Algonquin. How does this happen? Turn in your New Yorker ID card right now! Even Margo Channing ate at other places besides the Cub Room.

BTW, if the Russian Tea Room (real version) would actually have been a possibility cost-wise, 21 is certainly not out of your reach. They have a $40 pre fixe dinner there, if you grab a 6:30PM reservation. Otherwise, if you order a la carte menu and skip the appetizer course, you should be able to squeak in at under $60. (Not including drinks, of course.)

Seriously, this is such a wonderful city with so many interesting places to eat, it’s a crime not to explore some of the many boites and hidey-holes. Expand those horizons a little, girlfriend!

Some of my favorites, all links to menu pages.

Sparks (on the pricier side, conversation piece if you’re into mob hits)
Angelo & Maxies (not too expensive for a steakhouse, livelier crowd, consistently good food)

Aquagrill (often crowded, great raw bar)

Bice (never had a bad pasta dish here)

Da Ciro (their Focaccia Robiola Di Ciro is unique and highly recommended)

Employees Only (Eclectic, sometimes crowded)
L’Orange Bleue (Mediterranean food, on the loud side)