Need Novelty Songs

Ahab the Arab–Ray Stevens

Saturday Night In Toledo, Ohio
Forest Lawn-----------------------John Denver

Wildwood Weed
I Ain’t Sharin’ Sharon
A Real Good Time*
Turn Loose Of My Leg–Jim Stafford

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus–Kip Addotta

Marvin–Christine Nelson (good luck finding it)

The Dirty Old Man–Jim Backus*

*Might be a little adult for the 9YO

Jeez, how could I forget:

Colorado–Chevy Chase (John Denver spoof)

A couple came to mind that my kids used to like:
Love Potion # 9
Tom Paxton’s “Wonderful Toy”
And several of Herman’s Hermits songs - especially Leaning on the Lamp Post

I have no idea if it’s available on iTunes, but your kids might enjoy BEEP BEEP by The Playmates. Here’s a link to it on YouTube:

Civilization by the Andrews Sisters and Danny Kaye

I came to suggest just that but also the Austin Lounge Lizards, who have lots of wacky stuff like “Hey Little Minivan”.

Wait… “Piano Man”, “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” and “White Rabbit” are fun rock’n’roll novelty songs?

“The Streak” by Ray Stevens:

Wow, can’t believe this thread went this long without a single mention of Weird Al Yankovic.

You can find his channel on youtube, I believe nearly all his songs are available there, including some fan-made videos.

“Oy, It’s so Humid!” by Two Live Jews:

"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from ***Life of Brian***:
"The Universe Song" from ***Meaning of Life***:*
"Camelot" from ***Holy Grail***:
***NB:** The Earth *rotates* at ~900 mph, not *revolves*.

Winchester Cathedral
The New Vaudeville Band.

Nitty Gritty Dirt band

Laughing Gnome - David Bowie

I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives - Television Personalities

Oh, and…

Swords of a Thousand Men - Tenpole Tudor

I don’t think you can get much more “novelty” than Medieval British Rockabilly.

I Went to Your Wedding, Spike Jones

Cocktails for Two, Spike Jones (the video is hysterical)

Those both start out slowly and then turn goofy.

Kansas City Star, Roger Miller
Amos Moses, Jerry Reed

She Got The Gold Mine, I Got the Shaft, Jerry Reed

Da Turdy Point Buck, Da Yoopers

Do-Wah-Diddy-Diddy-Dum-Diddy-Do by Manfred Mann

No collection of novelty songs is complete without Barnes and Barnes’ Fish Heads.

Perhaps a bit dated these days, but for fans of the fifties, Jonathan and Darlene Edwards are hard to beat. (Jo Stafford and Paul Weston in real life)

Link is to Amazon, where you can listen to a sample.

“Tennessee Bird Walk”–Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan.

If you like baseball D-O-D-E-R-S by Danny Kaye is pretty hysterical.

(or A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request)

Wipe Out- The Surfaris
Root Beer Rag- Billy Joel
Signs- 5 Man Electrical Band
Uneasy Rider- Charlie Daniels Band
Joe’s Garage- Frank Zappa
Snoopy vs The Red Baron- Royal Guardsman
Rawhide- The Blues Brothers
Mack the Knife- Bobby Darin
Don’t Pay the Ferryman- Chris De Burgh
Mercedes-Benz- Janis Joplin
Battle of New Orleans- Johnny Horton
Running Bear- Johnny Preston
Louie, Louie- Kingsmen
Puff the Magic Dragon- Peter, Paul & Mary