Need opera/symphony/other premiere in London 1892

A strange request, I know, but here goes. Does anyone know of an almanac or calendar of some sort that will show me a year-by-year list of famous, significant music premieres?

In particular I’m trying to find a nifty premiere in London of 1892, and even more ideally in the autumn. So far the best ones I could find are I Pagliacci, which was way earlier in the year, and Lady Windemere’s Fan, which is less than ideal because I really prefer a music performance. I know Mahler had a series of performances in the summer (but as conductor, not composer), which is significant because it was his only UK appearance.

It’s for a novel, in case you’re wondering. :slight_smile: I’m cool with doing the research, I just wondered if perhaps someone has access to a Grove’s or some other tome / resource that might be of faster assistance.

This took some Googling—it’s certainly not something I knew off the top of my head—but Tchaikovsky’s opera Eugene Onegin had its London premiere (but not its overall premiere) in October 1892 (cite). Since you mentioned Mahler, it’s interesting to note that Mahler conducted, not that performance, but one earlier in the year in Hamburg.

I did find this list of historic opera premieres. None in London in 1892, though.

Oh that’s funny, I saw the Mahler / Eugene Onegin performance listed but I didn’t come across the London premiere! My Google-Fu, usually pretty good, failed me.

Yep, London premiere is perfectly fine – I don’t need a World Premiere, just something special for my characters to attend.

Thank you so much, Thudlow Boink! You fly to my rescue again, first in the Beatles thread, now here. :slight_smile:

And now to do a little research on the Olympic Theatre, where it premiered.