need pet budgie memorial tree or plant suggestions

My beloved pet budgie died recently, and I’d like to bury her with a seed or seedling of a fairly long-lived tree, bush or plant of some kind so that she’ll kind of be part of it. I want to be able to cut a bit off this tree/bush and plant it to grow a new one as I don’t plan on living here much longer and I’d like to be able to always take a part of her with me. I also want it to be a hardy plant so if I move somewhere with different weather and soil conditions I’ll be able to grow it there. (I live in Maryland.) She’ll have to be buried outside, but the plant doesn’t have to be a strictly outdoor plant.

Any suggestions? I’d like it to be kind of feathery-looking and/or have yellow flowers. She was a standard green budgie with a yellow face.

Thank you.

I don’t know much about plants, but how about this tree? (I found it through Google.)

How about a Honeycomb butterfly bush?

There are other yellow varieties of butterfly bush.

You can cut butterfly bushes back almost to the ground every year. You could conceivably dig up the whole plant and move it. Or you can take cuttings and root them.

Sorry for your loss.

As budgies are Aussies, can you source a gum tree? They’re hardy and budgie colouration evolved to blend into their leaves.

A pin oak grows really fast. You wouldn’t be able to uproot it but could get an acorn from it if you moved.

Plant some birdseed.
You can get a whole new budgie.

When my bird died, my dad told me to bury him under a passionfruit vine. Not only are the flowers spectacular and the leaves lush, the fruit is wonderful, and they last a good long time. :slight_smile:

It’s been tried. And by our own Mangetout, makes me proud to be a Doper (snif)

That’s perfect! I’ll look into getting one.

Thank you for all the suggestions, everyone.

I am genuinely sad for you, Supergoose. I’m actually crying as I type this, with my own budgie, Scout, sleeping (or foraging for midnight millet or muttering contentedly) in the next room. He’s a true joy and makes me laugh every day! I can appreciate your loss as only someone else who loves a budgie can (I know there are several of us on this board!) Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I can understand your sorrow. A beloved pet is a beloved pet, no matter how small! Whatever you choose as a memorial will be lovely…kind thoughts coming your way from Hazle…

Yes, it’s why I opened this thread. Brian the Bolshie Budgie is also green with a yellow face.
I’m glad you like the gum tree suggestion, Supergoose. I’ve got no idea how easy or hard they are to grow from cuttings. They’re hardwoods so I don’t think it’s very easy.

I don’t have a budgie, but I have a teeny yellow love-bird. Tiny pets are large in the heart. I’m sorry for your loss.

Thank you very much, guys. She was indeed a very charming, sweet, clever, adorable little bird, which seems to me to be pretty much par for the course when it comes to small parrots. I find it almost incomprehensible sometimes how easily overlooked other people find them, but I suppose anyone who loves a particular kind of animal would say the same.