Need Recommendation: New England towns and Fall Festivals

New England Fall Festivals

So, my wife and I are going to vacation in New England this year for about a week to see some fall foliage. Somewhere in upstate NY (Lake Placid ish), Vermont, New Hampshire.

I need ideas of places to go. We have a number of small towns we’d like to visit, but we’re looking specifically for town fall festivals. They could be simple arts/crafts things or full-blown events, like that crazy pumpkin festival they have in Keene, NH.

Any recommendations from the locals? Even if no festival, any small town recommendations for places to see good foliage and do stuff would be nice. We really enjoyed Stowe, VT one year, as well as Jackson, NH.


I liked the area around Weston, Vermont and Chester, Vermont - if you check Weston’s events calender, you will see that there are antique and craft shows the first few weeks of October. Although that might be too early for foliage… depends on whether there are enough cold nights. Maybe a local could give a better guess on that.