Need recommendations for Cesaria Evora CD

I’m only now getting into Cape Verde vocalist Cesaria Evora and need help picking the best CD. Someone on dissed her “Best of” CD, saying it didn’t really have the best of the best. Whatever.

Basically, I’m looking for a CD–new or old–the really captures her genius. Just one CD. Romantic songs are fine. Uptempo too. Her “Cafe Atlantico” CD is great, but I’m not sure where it stands.

Many thanks.

We have 3 of her CDs - Cesaria, Mar Azul, and Miss Perfumado (but not Cafe Atlantico - it’s on my wish list). I prefer “Cesaria” of those, but they are all nearly equally as good. It could be because it was what we purchased first, and have listened to most. As far as what captures her style - sorry there. YMMV, HTH, IMHO, etc.