Need rockin Elvis albums

I know little of Elvis and his music, though I do know some songs. What I’ve heard I like, especially if it rocks. Since I’m more a rocker then a ballad type guy I prefer harder, faster stuff, things like Jailhouse Rock.

I thought I saw a few years ago an album of all rocking Elvis tunes. I skipped buying it at the time, and now I’m regretting it. And since my kids have been watching a lot of Lilo and Stitch lately I’ve been hearing more Elvis stuff so I thought I’d pick something up.

Since I like having my stuff on CD I’d rather buy a CD then download songs, which means I’d rather have suggestions for albums and not individual songs. However, I wouldn’t mind suggestions of rocking songs that may not have been as popular to take a listen to.

The quick answer is: The Sun Sessions. Basically, Elvis’ wild rockabilly period was his early days when he was recording for Sun Records. After he switched to RCA, he started getting more pop. However, it’s not quite that simple… some of the Sun sides are ballads, and he did, of course, do some great rocking tunes after leaving Sun.

The correct answer is Rocker. Not a bad cut in the bunch. (Sun Sessions has several weak cuts.) The songs on this CD are the reason the country went nuts for Elvis.

That does look like the best bet for the OP. The only caveat I would offer is that it relies fairly heavily on covers of songs that are best-known as hits for other artists (especially Little Richard).

That’s true, but those are the songs Elvis was recording in his rocker phase. Let’s face it, Elvis was a cover singer. :slight_smile:

Speaking of Little Richard, if you like 50s rock you should definitely give a listen to Little Richard - 18 Greatest Hits. Really kicks ass.

And for rockabilly, you should also try Jerry Lee Lewis - 18 Original Sun Greatest Hits and Somethin’ Else: The Fine Lookin’ Hits of Eddie Cochran.

And the Gene Vincent Masters Series disc and Chuck Berry’s Great 28 and some Buddy Holly…

Good rockin’ tonight.

Mostly true, but a lot of his covers weren’t big hits for the original artists – relatively few people are familiar with Big Mama Thornton’s version of “Hound Dog”, Arthur Gunter’s version of “Baby Let’s Play House”, or Arthur Crudup’s version of “That’s All Right”… so we tend to think of Elvis’ versions as the “definitive” ones. And of course, he did record the original versions of many songs too (even if he didn’t write them) – mostly later in his career, but starting as early as “Heartbreak Hotel”. The point I was making (a minor one, admittedly) was that Rocker contains a relatively high proportion of songs that are as well or better known for the original artists’ versions.

I went ahead and ordered the Rocker album, and the Jerry Lee Lewis album as well since it was cheap enough. Keep the suggestions coming though as I’m sure there are more songs out there.

Well the follow-up to that one was Return of the Rocker, featuring Elvis’s rocking tunes after he came back from military service. It has a few good numbers but is not as consistently good as The Rocker. (But hey, everybody knows Elvis lost a step after '58.) Still almost worth the price just for “Little Sister.”

An Afternoon in the Garden is pretty hard-hitting. It’s definitely my favorite live Elvis recording. Most of the songs are in the fastest tempo I’ve ever heard them recorded by Elvis.

There’s also a lot to be said for his first two RCA albums, if you can find them:

(US) RCA LPM 1254
Released: March 1956
Side 1
Blue Suede Shoes
I’m Counting On You
I Got A Woman
One Sided Love Affair
I Love You Because *
Just Because
Side 2
Tutti Frutti
Tryin’ To Get To You
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
I’ll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin’)
Blue Moon **
Money Honey ***

  • Recorded: Sun Studios, Memphis, July 5, 1954
    ** Recorded: Sun Studios, Memphis, August 19, 1954
    *** Recorded: RCA Studios, Nashville, January 10, 1956
    ELVIS (LP)
    (US) RCA LPM 1382
    Released: October 1956
    Side 1
    Rip It Up ****
    Love Me **
    When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again ***
    Long Tall Sally ***
    First In Line ****
    Paralyzed ***
    Side 2
    So Glad You’re Mine *
    Old Shep ***
    Ready Teddy ****
    Anyplace Is Paradise ***
    How’s The World Treating You **
    How Do You Think I Feel **
  • Recorded: RCA Studios, New York City, January 30, 1956
    ** Recorded: Radio Recorders, Hollywood, September 1, 1956
    *** Recorded: Radio Recorders, Hollywood, September 2, 1956
    **** Recorded: Radio Recorders, Hollywood, September 3, 1956
    There is a fantastic online discography, found here:

Check it out!