Need satirical Bush/Cheney campaign slogans

I’m looking for some good one-liners for the screensaver of a co-worker who is a rabid Bush supporter. I won’t put them on her computer, but I will e-mail them to her as possible substitutions for the “Go Bush” she currently has on display.

This is a running joke between the two of us, and I’m out of ideas.

Not very original, but Go Bush, and take Cheney with you

This may help.

There’s also the Bush-Cheney Sloganator (Requires Yahoo ID and you must join the group). The Bush campaign put up a “make your own bumper sticker” script on their website. After a couple of days, they took it down. This page documents why.

Although some of you here might associate this phrase with a poster made infamous in ATMB, I have seen it several times in both this particular form as well as a general substitution in any such context:

“Go Cheney Yourself”

If you’re taunting a right-wing religious nut, try these:

“The Sermon on the Mount: The first anti-Bush/Cheney speech.”

“Jesus practiced Free Universal Health Care.”

Just today, Bush said “Our enemies […] never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”

It’s a little long for a bumper sticker, but I think it works.


If you don’t vote for Bush, you won’t get Dick.

I was going to suggest one I swa on a bumper sticker:

“Lick Bush & Dick in 2004”

But now I won’t. Have a look at for some ideas.