Need some help with Mario Kart Wii

I am going through trying to unlock everything, and I am trying to get all *s is the 50cc New races. I got it working right up to the special cup, where I don’t seem to be able to get good enough times on at least one of the tracks in order to get a * rating.

Does anyone know what times are required to get the * rating on this course? And also what the best character/kart combo is for this particular one?

Don’t quote me, but I think the *'s and ratings are based on time spent in first place and not on specific times in minutes and seconds. And the best car is whatever one you are most comfortable with.

I liked the motorcycles.

While I sure there is a certain time required for star ratings, they also take into account how many times you hit items and other factors. I don’t know what the times are. I believe you can only use Karts on the 50 CC if I remember correctly. I would think the best would depend on which control method you are using and if you are doing automatic or manual drifting. I am not a super serious player, so I use automatic with the wheel, and prefer a heavier character and kart, but I don’t know about the better players at the 50 cc level.

I can’t access it at work to check, but you may want to check out They often have information like this.

I have read gamefaqs and it doesn’t have specific recommends for Karts to use on specific tracks. I spend most of my time in first place, though there will be times when I get repeatedly bombed (First the winged shell, recover, then nailed with a red shell, recover, then nailed with a POW block) and it hoses me back to 4th or 5th place, but I usually get back to first pretty quickly.

I use the controller and nunchuk, with manual drifting so I can boost around the track as much as possible.

Oh, and I hate the Rainbow Road.

Is this your first foray into Mario Kart? If not, you’d recognize the Rubberband AI from previous Mario Kart titles.

Long story short, if you’re kicking ass, the computer cheats to make it close.

Yes, I have not had a nintendo since the NES way back in 1989.

I am fine with the rubber band effect (though I have won races with more than 15 seconds between 1st and second place) most of the time, just not when it prevents me from unlocking stuff.