Need some songs

One of my best friends is going to Calgary for a week , on Friday and I want to compile a Cd for her , for the wait on the airplane or to listen to when she has the time.

What I would like is a list of songs that are empowering for women, so to speak.

Something you would listen to when your depressed , got the blues and so forth.


These may be too trite/too far back for what you’re wanting, but they do meet your criteria FWIW:

“I am Woman,” by Helen Reddy, 1972
“I Will Survive,” by Gloria Gaynor, 1999

Just IMHO, but I find this one by Bette Midler also inspiring, but in a different, deeper way: “The Rose,” 1979.

I listen to a lot of angry-chick music. Is that the kind of thing? or more folky, “empowerment” political type songs?

I don’t know if this fits the bill, but the first song I thought of was “Factory Girls” by Flogging Molly & Lucinda Williams.

Gloria Gaynor is on the list already , I looked at Helen Reddy and Bette Midler and am holding off for now

Thanks so far for the replys all


Can’t go wrong with Coheed and Cambria :slight_smile:

that’s the first thing that popped into my mind, too! you were being ironic, right?

Hahha… of course. Nothing wrong with the music (my lowly opinion), but it’s hardly motivational or enpowering for that matter.

C’mon, what can be more empowering than “Die white girls”?

“Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves” - Aretha/Annie Lennox.

Uplifting, I got nothin’, but I’ve always thought “White Lightning and Wine” by Heart to be a good song about female sexual empowerment. It talks about women using men for sex without being overly suggestive or hateful.

Kirsty MacColl, that is.

I’d recommend:[ul]
[li]“You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby”[/li][li]“My Affair”[/li][li]“There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis”[/li][li]“A New England”[/li][li]“Days”[/li][li]“Free World”[/li][li]“In These Shoes?”[/li][/ul]

as a starter set.

“You Just Haven’t . . .” is perhaps the best. song. ever. for kicking yourself out of whatever self-pity you may be into at any given time. “My Affair” is, for me, the quintessential Kirsty MacColl song: sharp-witted, self-aware, frank, and fiercely independent. “Days” and “A New England” are a pair of covers that showcase her amazing voice at its best. It’s not for nothing that the name of the official Kirsty MacColl web site is “Freeworld”, and then of course “In These Shoes?” is perhaps her best-known song now, thanks to “Sex and the City” and Bette Midler.