Need some tasty ideas to keep my blood sugar from plummeting

Well, it’s happened again. I’m all shaky and weird because my blood sugar got too low. I’ve had it checked, and the doc says I’m neither diabetic nor hypoglycemic. I guess I’m just more sensitive than average to blood sugar levels.

So, I realize that I probably need to get some more protein in my meals. (This morning I had honey nut shredded wheat, milk, and a cup of tea, which I realize is pretty much straight carbs.) The problem is I don’t have the appetite or the time for eggs in the morning. I’m also trying to restrict calories somewhat, so just snacking whenever, or eating lots of cheese or other high-fat foods is out as well.

Anyone have some good ideas for keep blood sugar on an even keel that fit those parameters? Thanks!

I have the same low blood sugar issues, and I snack on lowfat mozzarella cheese sticks (string cheese, you can get a lower-fat version) and small (like, less than 1/4 cup) handfulls of nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.) which have protein and good-for-you fats.

Nonfat yogurt (check the sugar content) -or buy the plain kind and add fruit

Luna bars - high in protein, 180 calories, low in fat. I have one of these if I want a substantial snack, or I eat half and save the other half for another time.

Do you like hard-boiled eggs? They are a good solid snack.

Here’s the breakfast I’ve been eating a lot lately, which is (a) not actually a breakfast food (I’m not a big brekkie fan) and (b) portable, since I’m frequently munching on my way out the door or on my way to work or at my desk.

One slice whole wheat bread, smeared with low fat cream cheese, topped with two slices of turkey bacon.

Another good bet is toast topped with low fat Laughing Cow cheese, which is, again, portable and gives you some protein.

Lowfat cottage cheese (or lowfat yogurt), flax meal, splenda and your choice of low sugar canned fruit.

Protein powder, berries, milk/heavy cream/half and half (whatever works), splenda, flax meal

Lowfat/sugarfree yogurt in a container

For fast, non-greasy protein in the morning, I like a cold slice of good ham (like Niman Ranch) wrapped in a piece of toast. Turkey ham would do, as well.

Greek yogurt, which is very thick, high-protein yogurt, is also good with fruit sliced on top.

Another good option is to make more steak or pork chop than you want at dinnertime, and have the cold sliced meat at breakfast. It’s good! I’ve also recently gotten hooked on leftover seared tuna steak, rare in the middle, for breakfast.

I like protein at breakfast rather than sweet stuff, but I hate greasy fried things.

If you do decide on yogurt, try a low carb one. Regular lowfat yogurt has quite a few grams of carbs.

A stick of mozzarella, a handful of nuts, or the aforementioned hardboiled egg are all good protein fixes. I know what fasting hypoglycemia feels like, believe me.
Peanut butter smeared on a celery stick or piece of apple is also good.

Check out the meal and snack idea in Nicholas Perricone’s books; you can just copy down a few at the library if you don’t wish to buy the book. He recommends some pretty nice snacks, with protein, for afternoon and bedtime, but they can be eaten whenever you need them.

Also, avoid anything with caffeine in it. It can intensify the shaky feeling.

You really want to know? I suggest that you try, for two weeks, cutting out all baked goods including cold cereals, and anything that has corn syrup added to it. Maybe it’s easier to tell you what you should eat: fruit, vegetables, whole grains, eggs, meat, unaltered dairy, oil, and things made with combinations of these things.

It might sound restrictive but it’s really not. And it’s shocking how un-hungry one is once one’s body gets used to it… and how getting hungry is no longer the same as having a blood sugar crash. And you can give yourself like, one day a week to eat bread and stuff, for relief.

YMMV, but I always thought I was “too smart” for this kind of plan, until I tried it. All this assuming that, as you say in OP, you’re aren’t diabetic or hypoglycemic or anything.

**Sattua’s ** advice is good, although I also recommend the Luna bars as a reasonable approach.

Sattua, where do you put whole wheat bread? I would say that’s on the do eat list, b/c of whole grain.

If one is feeling shakey and unwell, and one’s doctor has verified that one doesn’t have hypoglycemia, perhaps it would be in one’s best interest to not try to treat oneself for hypoglycemia. Instead, consider working with one’s doctor to find the real cause of the symptoms.

Qadgop’s the doc, so his advice the advice to preferentially follow, in the context of this thread :smiley:

I started the “no baked stuff” regimen almost three weeks ago, and haven’t had a slice of bread yet. I’ll try it… sometime. Just not now.

Well, for those of us who are hypoglycemic…

I’ve been trying to stabilize my blood sugar and have worked out a routine. It’s much like Sattua said. Whole grains, fruit, vegetables (well, I try with the vegetables), dairy. Also I have changed my eating schedule to six times a day. I try to cut out sugar entirely, with varying degrees of success…I do like it in my tea. Sigh.

For snacks I will eat fresh fruit, or granola bars, or just a piece of whole wheat bread.

Even if you aren’t hypoglycemic, it’s not a bad diet. I bet I have lost ten pounds on it already. Cutting out sugar and eating more natural stuff can never be bad!

True dat(a).

Sorry for posting again, but this is absolutely true. I had forgotten how being hungry feels, unlike having a sugar crash and being shaky and unable to articulate words and being a little angry. Now my stomach rumbles a little, and I just smile because it’s a wonderful feeling, comparatively.

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

As for going to see the doctor, well, all I can say is that I’ve had my blood sugar tested several times, and she’s always said it’s normal. Of course, I’ve never gone for a blood draw when I was shaky, dizzy, mentally confused, etc. I’ve guessed that when I feel like that, it’s due to my blood sugar being too low because it always happens when I haven’t eaten in about four hours, and more often when my last meal was high in carbohydrates and low in protein. But regardless, if I try some of these ideas, and it still happens, I’m definitely going back to the doc and also getting a referral to a dietician.

I think I might try the idea of cutting out baked goods. Though whole wheat toast with lf cream cheese and turkey bacon does sound really good, so maybe I’ll leave 100% whole wheat bread on the list for now. If I do away with pasta, cold cereal, and sweets, I bet it would help a lot.

I do actually like plain, unsweetened yogurt OK. I’m not big on fruit, but I’ll drink it in a smoothie with soymilk and plain yogurt, and I can deal with not adding sugar to that. Cottage cheese, not so much, but maybe I’ll keep some on hand for emergencies.

Luckily we always have string cheese because my daughter lives on the stuff, and I love nuts, so that’s a winner too.

And I guess I’ll limit my good tea to once a week, and drink the decaf stuff the rest of the time - that’s a really good tip, thanks.

I really appreciate all the help - the idea of feeling hungry without being afraid of imminent insanity and lack of coordination sounds dreamy!

Oh, and yes, I have tried Luna bars and like them, so that’s probably what I’ll keep in my purse for emergency snacks! Thanks for reminding me of them.