Need source for .WAV (e.g.) files of Touch Tone signals

Can someone please point me to a web source for .WAV (or other computer audio format) files of telephone Touch Tone signals? I am particularly in the so-called “disconnected” signal. This is the familiar series of three tones, each higher than the one before it, sounded over a period of about one second, that indicate having reached a disconnected number. This is apparently the technology behind the “Telezapper” apparatus that purports to automatically remove your number from telemarketer’s computer lists. Basically, I want to build my own 'zapper. Uncharacteristically, Google has been of little help here.

Sorry, found it. Should have searched here (SDMB) first anyway.

The internet never ceases to amaze me.

So, might you perhaps post a link, for the benefit of those who come behind you?

Me, for instance?

The link he mentioned is here.

Oops. I’m NOT looking for the “disconnected” tri-tone. I want the simultaneous-dualtones you hear when you press the various button keys.

Oh you want the DTMF tones. There are 16 of them. Let me Google and see if I can find them. Do you need all 16 or just the 12 used on a standard touch-tone telephone?

I didn’t think it would be this easy!

Dude, phone phreaking is sooo 1980. . . I know, I know.
So do you put this in an answering machine message? How does this work? [Can we discuss this on the board?]

Thank you, thank you!

I have routines that will dial a phone, but they insist on obtaining a #@^%W@Q dial tone first. What I want, of course, is to be able to send the equivalent of “push 3 for blahblah”, in mid-call (i.e., without disconnecting, without obtaining a dial tone)-- and the only way to do that that I can think of is to play the tones over the modem. And I can do that.

you can get your meodem to send DTMF tones directly with AT commands:

From this site.