Need spectacularly cool office desk setup

My company wants to spiff up its image and make our area look far cooler than it is now (semi mish-mash). They are willing to spend the $$$$ so cost is not an overriding concern.

Unfortunately, as I look around at various desk setups, I am seeing nothing especially nice. Sure there are mahogany things and so on but we are looking for pizzazz as well as functionality (needs to accomodate computers and multiple monitors per person). Something well beyond gopher cubes.

I know that is all a bit vague and I also do not expect anyone to go shopping web sites for this thread. More I am asking if anyone has seen a particularly cool setup and off the top of their head could point me in the right direction.

There’s a picture knocking about on the internet of Batman’s desk from the Dark Knight. But I can’t seem to find it.

Well, maybe it’s just me, but nothing says cool and classy like a lightsaber desk lamp. :slight_smile:

Aside from that, I’ve got nothing. I’ll be lurking for good ideas, though! :slight_smile:

Extreme cubicle makeover.

If 24 and CSI have taught us only one thing, it is that you need lots of glowy blue LEDs all over the place. And glass. And chrome. And hundreds of huge monitors scattered around displaying irrelevant or improbably-quickly-collected data.


I really WANT!!!11!11eleventy

The bionic office at Fog Creek has always set me drooling.

Check out the Herman Miller site. They have several really cool modular systems. Back in the dot com days, we got some fantastic stuff from them for the design department I worked in.

I really like the “My Studio” environment…

That guy’s got my desktop background.

This monitor system will be available after the new year.

You can also easily make your monitors look “see through” by taking a photo of what you see directly behind your computer and then use that as wallpaper. Very cool effect for offices, assuming of course the view behind the computer screen is not just a bunch of wires and a wall…but even then…