need suggestions for friday movie nite

friday’s theme: tragic romance

can be any movie, preferably no comedies (dark comedies are cool), and we’d like a b&w or a foreign film thrown in.

thanks :smiley:
p.s. - it has to be out on DVD (or VHS).

These three by Max Ophuls (all magnificent) certainly fit the bill (and are available on video or DVD):

The Earrings of Madame de… ^
Lola Montes

Letter from an Unknown Woman^

  • Foreign language
    ^ Black & White

Try Casablanca . It always gets me.

High Art with Ally Sheedy about 10 years after her last brat pack movie. Very tragic romance. It’s domestic and in color, but it’s pretty damn independent. As in, not a Hollywood movie. Fair warning: themes involve drug addiction and lesbianism, in the off chance your group would find that inappropriate. Probably the only good acting Sheedy ever did. IMO, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

There’s another on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite recall it. I’ll post again if I remember tonight, as tomorrow night is clearly too late. :slight_smile:

Just saw one of most incredible tragic romances of my entire life: Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights. Never been a big fan of Chaplin; seeing this movie changed that forever.

Leaving Las Vegas is the one I couldn’t remember. Instead of drug addiction, it’s about alcoholism. I’m beginning to see a pattern in my movie tastes…

Hell, come to think of it, Requiem for a Dream almost fits as well, in that there is a romance that dies a tragic death in it. And hey, lots of addiction to boot.

I need help.

If you like the concept of HIGH ART but want to see something with people who are actually attractive, I recommend GIA (Angelina Jolie’s FINEST role!)

Dark comedy/romance that’s brutal but not necessarily tragic- TRUE ROMANCE or WILD AT HEART or NATURAL BORN KILLERS

sweet sentimental properly-tragic romance (tho w/ religious content)- SHADOWLANDS (with Anthony Hopkins & Debra Winger OR Joss Ackland & Claire Bloom)

sad romance-that-never-happens - THE REMAINS OF THE DAY

or there is a video romantic melodrama I co-produced/wrote/directed (D- two scenes) called THE LIVING YEARS. Available from… Me! G

Talk to her (Habla con Ella-Spanish with subtitles)

Love Story is a natural.

The Apartment is an interesting love story, kind of sad, kind of funny, and B&W. Less boring, I’d say, than Love Story. Older but probably less dated.

Romeo & Juliet preferably Zefferelli’s version. 1968.

Notorious – maybe.

Casablanca if you haven’t seen it.


Japanese Story a low key Aussie movie starring Toni Colette which is far more involving and moving than the story elements would have you believe.

Sticking with little Aussie movies Angel Baby is a love story that is hard going.

I don’t know whether you can lay your hands on Proof for some early Crowe and Weaving but it is a real work of art that deserves to be much better known. It has a very different slant on love and relationships. Unlike anything else you’ll see and Russ is good fun in his early Aussie roles (bar Romper Stomper).

Othello, starring Morpheus in the title role and with Kenneth Branagh playing Iago exactly as I imagined him.

Wasn’t very helpful, huh. Oh well. :cool:

Lone Star.

Despite looking like a modern western, it’s really a thoughtful mystery and drama. It’s got a very tragic romance involving a white man and a Mexcian-American woman, which in itself mirrors the history and relationship between Mexico and the US, and their offspring that is Texas. If you like dialogue driven movies, it’s a winner!