Need suggestions for movies with a proposal scene with a ring

As a favour for a friend doing an art project, I’m looking for suggestions for movies with a proposal scene, specifically involving an engagment ring (diamond or otherwise). Any suggestions would be great, although she’s mainly looking for pre-1990 movies. Thanks in advance!

Alas, mine are after 1990. as soon as I post I expect I will remember a slew of earlier ones.

Sweet Home Alabama (proposal scene at Tiffany & Co., diamonds galore)

The Stepmom

If she can use scenes with rings without proposals theres a scene in Cutting Edge where the engagement is announced at a family dinner and the ring is flaunted and gawked at.

Also, in His Girl Friday Rosalind russell is waggling her hand in Cary Grant’s face saying “See that Walter, it’s a ring. It’s an engaaaaaaaaaagement ring”
Just remembered in Moonstruck Johnny proposes in a restaurant and hasn’t brought a ring. Loretta tells him “When a man proposes she should offer a ring of engagement…use our pinky ring”.

Oh, and in Beautiful Girls there’s a “champagne” diamond that several characters call brown.

Moonstruck, 1987.

Johnny Cammareri proposes to Loretta at the restaurant, as BoBo hovers in the background waiting to serve the chilled champagne. By the end of the movie, Johnny’s brother Ronny proposes to Loretta with the same ring.

It’s post-1990, but I’m going to mention Everybody Says I Love You anyway, because it’s so hilarious how Edward Norton keeps trying to give Drew Barrymore an engagement ring, and she keeps swallowing it.


Yeah - Moonstruck is the one I remember - I also had suggested The Unsinkable Molly Brown (where I think there is a ring although it’s a cigar band), but it’s a long time since I’ve seen it.

Independence Day, in the locker room. Classic.

My Favorite Year (1982). Benji Stone is in love with K.C Downing, but she isn’t interested in him. A truly hilarious send up of a 1950’s variety show starring Peter O’Toole.

Benji Stone: We have an understanding.
K.C. Downing: What understanding?!

BS: That I’m hopelessly in love with you and you couldn’t care less about me.
KCD: Yeah, you could say that.

BS: Well, maybe this will help change your mind. (shows here a diamond engagement ring).
KCD: (obviously moved) Oh, Benjamin, I couldn’t accept that.

BS: (throws ring across the floor) Fine. It was glass.

Off topic, but this was pretty funny. I’m on a bus and sitting behind me are two college-age women discussing the movie. One says to the other, “I really liked the movie but it was kinda weird, everyone once in a while the actors would just start singing at each other.”

It’s from '91 but Thelma and Louise has an engagement ring scene.