Need tips and guidance for teaching my dog Frisbee...

I have the sweetest, fastest, most agile black lab- border collie? Don’t know. What I know is he LOVES LOVES LOVES to play with the jumpin weasel, which is a fur tail at the end of a bullwhip. He LOVES it. And he’s fast as hell, LOVES to snatch it out of the air.

Well, the other day he finally took an interest in a small soft dog frisbee I bought for him over a year ago. He really likes chasing it down, and the one or two times I threw it up and he managed to grab it out of the air he loved and I praised, but here’s the problem: how do I communicate the idea that I want him to get back so I can throw it and he can catch it out of the air? He stays close to me and waits for me to throw and I’m finding myself all out of ideas about how to communicate to him that he should go BACK…BACK! PREPARE!

Anyone? (I’m pretty good at dog training overall… very good, in fact. I just need a little guidance on this one thing…)

He’s got the skills to be an excellent frisbee dog, and I know he’d love it. Help me communicate!

How about a down-stay with a release just as the Frisbee sails past?

Patience. I used to hit tennis balls with my baseball bat to my Lab, and with encouragement he finally got the idea that it would be more fun to first run out 60 feet or so to field the grounders I hit him. But you can always toss the Frisbee out there for him to run underneath and catch.