Need to convert (first frame of) animated GIF to JPG

While on vacation aways back, someone took a nice picture of Mrs Sevenwood and I using my cellphone. Unfortunately, he must have held down the button too long, and what resulted was an animated GIF.

I would like to convert the first frame (or really any frame) of that GIF to JPG format so that I can include it in a slideshow, but don’t seem to have the tools to do so. What I have is an Android-based cellphone and Android-based tablet (both of whom can display the animated GIF but don’t have any software on them to convert it) and a Windows 10-based PC that doesn’t even recognize it as a file (it sees it as an empty folder). Oddly enough, when I copied that file from my cellphone onto my Google Drive and then viewed Google Drive using my Windows 10 PC and my Firefox web browser, Firefox both recognizes it and displays it (but has no options to convert it).


When Firefox displays it, if you right-click on the image, can you do a Save Image As… ?

Once you have a real GIF file on your Windows disk, refer to this thread from last year on GIF frame extraction tools.

Unfortunately, when I right-click on that display nothing happens.

I probably should have mentioned that Firefox displays the animated GIF kind of oddly - the rest of the Firefox page goes dark, and only the image is displayed. From the minor “shudder” in the image display, I am assuming that it is being displayed as an animation.

I downloaded the programs referred to in that thread - but because Windows 10 thinks that file is an empty folder, they think it’s an empty folder, too. AARRGGHH!!!

AHA! I got it!

It turns out that if I open my Google Drive as a Windows folder rather than via the web browser, Windows 10 “sees” the copy of that file that’s in the Google Drive folder correctly as an actual file rather than as an empty folder - and the IrfanView program that’s referenced in in the earlier thread you brought up also sees it as a file and can open and process it!

Problem solved - thanks, Heracles!!

GIMP will do this.

Open the gif in GIMP, and it will show all the frames as ‘layers’. Probably the top layer will have the image you want, and then you can just export it as another format (png, jpg, whatever)

If not, you can open the Layers window, and click off the ‘show this layer’ eye on all the frames you don’t want, till you get to the one you do.

(I should have mentioned in my earlier reply that I’d originally put the offending animated GIF file onto Windows 10 by plugging my cellphone onto my PC using its USB port and using Windows 10 to upload all of my pictures to my PC - and I’d put that same image onto my Google Drive folder by displaying it on my cellphone and then “sharing” the image directly from my cellphone onto Google drive. In the latter case, Windows 10 apparently didn’t have the option of misinterpreting the file as a folder.)

I use “Irfanview,” which is free. It lets you roll through animated .gif files and capture any individual frame.