Need to find a beta: Need answers fast!

I need to find a game that has an open/easy to get into beta for a school project. However, the system I will be running the game on is pretty limited. And is a mac, with no option of windows or windows emulators. So what T or lower rated games have an open or easy to get into beta and work with a mac? I know, not a lot of selection here…

Go ahead and mention windows games, too, and I’ll see what I can do to talk to my teacher.

Oh, and I need to find this game pretty soon (less than 3 days for sure). Cutting it close, eh?

EDIT: Oh, and hopefully the game won’t be mind-numbingly boring. Just a request. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’ve got problems, bub. Betas are for upcoming games. Upcoming games use (probably) better hardware than your old Mac. Mac also seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to getting games first. So what you need to find is a graphically weak game which will run on your old and unpopular OS and that happens to be in open beta at the moment? :dubious:

Was this something that you were assigned to find, or did you create this nightmare project for yourself?

Heroes of Newerth is currently running a closed beta that includes Windows, Mac, and Linux clients. The game is pretty low end by today’s standards. It’s a closed beta, but it’s kind of gmail-closed where everyone has a brazilian extra keys.

I was assigned this. Given the choice, I wouldn’t play Minesweeper on a mac.

Can you say anymore about it? Like what you’re specifically supposed to do or who assigned it or what other people are doing?

This assignment is crazy.

About half the class is still working on making custom maps, there are only two of us who are ready to move on. All we have to do is find a beta game and play it for a while. Noone else has found a game yet.

What does the extra keys thing mean?

Everyone who is currently in the Heroes of Newerth beta has more keys than friends, so they can send you one. If you want one, I’ll PM you one.

Yes please

Well, you have messages turned off so hopefully you see this first.

Plug o0uq85u5u8qyriu into

Alright, thanks. I enabled the PM now, realized I forgot too.

Think I could get one for my friend in the class?