Need to find a house painter (interior), plumber, etc in Northern VA... anyone help?

We’re getting our townhouse in Centreville ready to sell. We already have someone repairing some drywall and we have the carpet taken care of, but we still need the following:

[ul][li]home inspector[/li][li]air ducts cleaned[/li][li]interior painted[/li][li]plumber to fix some leaks[/li][li]some landscaping (small, small yard)[/li][li]and possibly the heat pump system needs to be repaired or replaced, depending on what the home inspector says. [/li][/ul]

There is a chance that some floor joists will also need to be replaced.

Anyway, we want to find people to do these things. I am in Georgia so it’s hard for me to go around and do this, and my husband, while still in the general area, is really busy so he can’t really go looking either.

So does anyone who lives near there know of anyone/have used someone you would recommend? Or has a relative in the business? Or knows some college kid who likes to paint?