need to get an electric guitar repaired - how much?

I inherited a nice mid-nineties Gibson SG from a friend of mine a while back. It’s in pretty great shape, and I think the pickups are non-standard or somehow upgraded - they’re a little “wobbly” in the hole and look different. I’m not sure what model it is or how much it’s worth or whatever, but I think he paid around $1500 for it.

Anyway, the guitar has two problems:

  1. One of the tuning pegs is completely busted off - the box part, the gear, and the actual peg are just gone. How much am I looking at, $$-wise, to have that replaced at my neighborhood guitar repair shop?

  2. The 1/4" jack is kind of loose and the connection is intermittent - how much, ballpark, would that be?

I’m looking to get it repaired and then either keep it or sell it.