Need to use Access to remove duplicates between 2 lists

I’m sorry to clutter the board with another tutorial request, but I just seemingly have nowhere to turn.

I have two .csv files, and I need to remove the duplicates from one of them. So, list A needs to be compared to list B, and have the duplilcates removed and the remaining records put in list C.

I know there’s even a wizard to do this in Office XP, but I think my installation is faulty, and I can’t even find how to import the .csv files into Access in the first place.

I would be immensely grateful if someone could put up a list of commands (File -Import-Table or whatever) to step me through this. I know computers fairly well, and if list B were small enough to pu into Excel, I wouldn’t have a problem, but I’ve never used Access. Thanks.

First create a new database. With it open select File, Get External Data, Import. Change “Files of type:” to text files. Browse to the first file and select Import. Select comma as the delimiter and finish importing. Repeat with the second file.

In the database, select “Queries” and “New”, then “Find Unmatched Query Wizard”. Select List A as the first table, List B as the second, and a field to use for comparing for duplicates. Then select view all fields for the query results.

With the query results displayed and the window selected, go to File, Export. Select text file, name it whatever you want, and click Export.

That should do it,