Need TWAIN scanner driver for hp 4345mfp

Where can I get one?

Or perhaps confirm what I’m being told… that I can’t use my PC to communicate with our network mfp.

If the review on this page is to be believed, it’s not easily possible.

…however… there’s a download of the ‘printing system’ available here - I don’t know if this download includes the scanner functionality - and it’s 140mb in size - so I didn’t follow through and check.

I’ve had one of these things in my office for a couple years. I concur that it would be extremely unlikely to find TWAIN drivers for it for a few reasons, the biggest of which is that the parallel and USB ports are for printing only. Being that it’s a department-level machine, it’s just not made to be hooked directly up to a PC. Don’t ask me about the presence of the parallel and USB ports, though.

And yes, that reviewer is correct. That thing is a beast to set up, starting with needing 2 people to get it out of the box. But he’s wrong that you need “complex software purchased separately” to scan. Out of the box, it can e-mail scanned documents, needing just the ability to send e-mail, as does any e-mail user. I didn’t read the complete review, but I’m guessing that he either wants to have the scanner copy the file to a server share or he needs the files encrypted before being sent over the network. I’m pretty sure those are extra cost items.