Need wireless access at home for old laptop and iPod

I have an old iBook G3 and my wife has an iPod Touch with wifi. I would like to give both computers access to the Internet, which we currently access with cable modems that don’t appear to have wireless network capability.

I don’t have an AirPort card for the iBook, so I’m just looking for the best/cheapest way to set up a local network, which includes getting whatever I need for the iBook while just using the wifi capability of the iPod. This may include replacing the modem with a wireless network-capable one.

What do you suggest?

My former roommate used a PC laptop, and he connected to the AirPort just fine. :wink: I don’t know when Apple started calling their wireless system ‘AirPort’. Do you have any sort of wireless card in the iBook? If you do, then you should be able to get a wireless router (e.g., AirPort, Linksys) and connect it to your cable modem. Example.

My PowerBook came with an AirPort card, and I bought an AirPort card off of eBay and installed it in my iMac G3. Of course the iPod Touch connects as well.

That’s what I was not sure about. Thanks!

Posted from my iPod. :slight_smile:

When they introduced it, in 1999.