Needed: A few good words

Mine is a simple one, though one of the hardest to define, since it is so different for everyone. And yet, it’s one that we shouldn’t be without.


Just because of the way they roll off the tongue:



Fritterpated = In a tizzy

Tizzy = What leads up to a conniption fit

Hysteresis = The lagging of an effect behind its cause

Osculate = To kiss

schadenfreude – Taking pleasure from or delighting in the misfortunes of others.

adamantine – unbreakable

aristology - small talk during a meal

barato - a tip given by a winning gambler

bever - a between meal snack

blype - a piece of skin that peels off after being sunburned

contesseration - the act of making friends

dixit - a dogmatic statement

elozable - willing to be flattered

emacity - a desire to buy things

florescence - a successful or prosperous period

gelastic - pertaining to laughter

groaking - staring at someone who’s eating in the hope they’ll give you some food

imperdible - incapable of being lost

infucation - the act of putting on make-up

jehu - a person who likes to drive fast

laaba - a storage place beyond the reach of animals

militaster - an insignificant military person

monticule - a small mountain

muricide - the killing of mice

nesiote - living on an island

noa - a milder euphemistic form of a profanity or vulgarity

panarchy - rule of the entire universe

phronesis - wisdom in choosing and achieving goals

reefer - a notice on the front page or cover that directs the reader to an article inside the periodical (what did you think it meant?)

soteria - possessions that give a sense of peace or security

tacenda - things better left unsaid

telepheme - a telephone message

tintiddle - a witty retort thought of too late

yepsen - cupping the hands to take a drink

Uhh, didn’t I just do this?

I’m moving this thread to IMHO. Too.



Also, ongepachkit (which means tastelessly excessive).

What, no one’s mentioned callipygian yet?

Ludicrous So very fitting for most stupid ideas that people spout forth.

Veracity Truthfulness, as in I doubt the veracity of his statement.

At the moment, my favourites are:




Oops, forgot to add that I’d never really thought about the word serendipity until the OP. But I agree - it’s a lovely word, ‘dipping’ up and down in its intonation. :slight_smile: