What's your favorite word, and why?

Mine is pandemonium.

Wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar.
It’s my favorite word because whenever I think about it I picture a bunch of pandas in front of a China shop going around breaking shit. It cracks me up.

“pandemonium” is of mixed Latin and Greek origin, and when you break it down into its roots it means something like “place of all the demons”.

My favorite word is the French term “degrafeuse”. “agrafeuse” is the French word for stapler, so a degrafeuse is an unstapler. It’s so much more elegant than the English “staple remover”.

I don’t know, I have several, but the ones that immediately come to mind are convoluted and hullabaloo, because they sound like what they are.

Einbahnstrasse, because it’s so much fun to say! (but living in the USA… i get so little opportunity.)


It has such a narrow window of use, but a special one, ya know? And I like the sound of it.


It’s such an interesting concept…

My new favorite word this week is deuteragonist, the second most important character in a story or a play. Surprisingly useful!

Serendipitous and cerulean are both pleasing to my ears. So I vote for them.

My current favourite is Slubberdegullion - which not only sounds like what it is, but is of infinite usefulness in any teenager-infested household. Tatterdemalionis along the same lines.

One of mine is Einbahnstrasseschild…for similar reasons, and with similar limitations.

Amalgamation. Because it’s fun to say, and because the first dictionary definition is “the act or process of amalgamating,” which is absolutely useless.


Just say it. “Pulchritude.”

I came in to say “serendipitous”!

Also, “twitterpated” and “schadenfreude”

I recently found the neologism “independ” – a verb – while reading Clarice Lispector, and it’s a new favorite. Her use of the word:

“The world independed on me — that was the trust I had reached: the world independed on me, and I am not understanding whatever it is I’m saying…”

Mellifluous. Because it sounds so nice.

I always loved imbissstube (snack stand) because of the three consecutive "s"s due to the spelling reform.


Because it’s just so fetid.

“Succulent.” It’s such a hedonisitic word.

For some reason I love the word valkyrie.