Needing advice / recommendations on an espresso machine.

I’m in the market for an espresso machine. I know there some espresso snobs here on the boards (looking at you, QtM), so I’m hoping I can get some advice.

The first one I’m looking at is this thing, a Rok manual espresso maker. The basic temperature and pressure variables are human-controlled (unlike, say a steam-powered electric machine), so it seems like a reasonable alternative to the sub-$300 electric machines. America’s Test Kitchen liked it, so there’s something at least.

The other options are something like this or this. I like the look of the DeLonghi but it’s the most expensive of the bunch. I’m not sure if there is a functional difference between the two electric models.

So what does the dope recommend? What else do I need to be aware of, watch out for, or make sure is incorporated into the machine?