Negative heel shoes (ie Earth shoes)

I’m looking for some negative heel shoes for a few reasons. Earthshoes are the big, well known brand, and several friends are happy with theirs. My problem is that the largest size they make is 13. I wear a 15. Does anyone have any experience with other brands that make a negative heel shoe?

I despise my Earth shoes.

My wife bought them for me (size 13) on a whim. I only wear them when it rains, beacuse it has an exceptionally well-gripping tread.

They hurt my feet. The sole is much smaller than the body of the shoe, and it feels like I’m balancing on the sole of the shoe. My feet hurt like they’ve been through a workout when I wear them.

I don’t know what “negative heel” means. Just saying, I recommend against Earth shoes, and shoes like Earth shoes.


Negative heel means that instead of the toe being 1.5* below the heel, the heel is below the toe, stretching the Achilles and plantar fascii. I have issues with a broken ankle and think that it would help. I know that Earthshoes have a variety of styles- perhaps the style you have is the problem, not the heel.

The last time I heard about Earthshoes was circa 1976.

Me too, and the soul had G.A.S.S written on the bottom of them (Great American Shoe Store)

I can’t address the other negative heel brands if any, but you might try looking at Birkenstocks or similar shoes that don’t elevate the heel. I wear Earth and Birks most of the time.

According to brief Google, the feeling of having worked out is apparently the point.

The problem is, because they make you feel like you’re walking up a slight incline, when you walk up a slight incline it feels like a big one. I quite enjoyed the ones I had, mainly for novelty value.

Yeah, that’s what my sis-in-law said. But fuck a duck, I am a cashier. I walk all day. My feet hurt like a bastard at the end of the day. Why would I want the feeling of a workout? Maybe not the fault of the shoe, but DAMN! I don’t want to work an EXTRA 8 hours a day…


I don’t have any such feeling with Earth shoes, not even when I first wore them.

They can ruin your feet. Back in the day, I had a pair. The bones in my heels started to become misaligned. YRMV but wear them at you peril. Snake oil.

Wondering if the Skechers ShapeUps would be of any interest to you? They sort of do the same thing, by having the sole higher in the middle; they make you balance and take a little more effort to walk in, which causes extra muscles to work out when you walk. They might help strengthen your ankle, if that’s what you’re after.

I bought my first pair yesterday and so far I like them, but it’s too soon to tell if they are having any effect, good or bad. They are a bit 'spensive, $120 retail. And I don’t know if they come in 15.

This podiatrist agrees they’re bad:

I had a pair of Earth Shoes and wore them for a couple of months. I quit wearing them because for the first time ever in my life I developed a problem with an aching/burning pain in my hip. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I’m not going to take the chance anymore. (I quit wearing them and my hip has been fine ever since.)

Just as an aside, I rather liked my Birkenstocks and would imagine that they come in larger sizes.

How about Vibram Five Fingers:

Different that negative heals, but may be what you need.