negative reinforcement

Flame me.

I posted word of mouth as fact.
Bad enough.
I did it in GQ.

teach me a lesson.

Hmmmm…“The doctor told me this was unsafe but this website said it was OK.”


(Just in case no one saw the original ref, its at: )

If I were the doc, I sure as hell wouldn’t be advising a patient who can’t be trusted with a sharp object to glue that gaping wound together with high strength adhesive.


Naughty, naughty phm! Quoting unverified claims. You shall have to be punished with… a spanking!

Hey, waitasec.

I get the sneaking suspicion that for you ‘punishment’ is positive reinforcement.

moriah, I think you’re right!
pmh-We forgive you your innocent mistake. Anyone could have made it. BTW, welcome to the neighborhood, would you like some coffee and/or doughnuts? No, please, sit in the comfy chair over in the shade. I you need anything else, just whistle. :slight_smile: