Neighbors who simply MUST park in front of my house

Wyizzit? The whole street is empty but they have to park in front of MY house?

Im not that anal but SOMETIMES we need access to the street area in front of our house and one of these ignorant dicks is always parked there anyway … and they leave so we cant ask them to move their cars!

First day we moved in: Dickhead neighbor #1 had his old truck parked smack in front of our house so that the moving van could not access our house. Soooo… the van parked in the neighbors driveway in order to be able to unload our furniture. The Dickhead had a cow that the van had made a mark on his lawn (lawn is weeds anyway but …) I pointed out that the van could not park in front of our house and Dickhead grumped to himself a while but didnt say anything.

Dickhead neighbor #2 is forever putting notes on cars that happen to park in front of HIS house (even going so far as to put a note on Dickhead #1’s car when #1 couldnt park in front of OUR house: his preferred spot). But Dickhead #2’s 4 daughters and various grandkids park in front of our house, block our drive (we unfortunately have to share a driveway with DH#2), and honk their horns to announce their arrival at all hours under our bedroom window.

For instance: this week the city was doing routine tree trimming along our street and wouldnt you know it: DH#2’s daughters are parked all over the street including in front of our house. They all left for Florida so who knows when they will return and we can get our trees trimmed??? Would be poetic justice if a huge limb fell smack on one of their cars (storm is coming btw this week …).

We have asked them to not do this but they have memory deficits compounded by general dickishness.

Yea, I had the same kind of neighbor. I just parked my old clunker in front of their house for several days or I tried to park my own car in front of my house sooner than they had a chance to do it. I became obvious to the whole neighborhood that something was going on. And since I was the neighbor of seniority and friendly with all the neighbors for years, it was assumed the new guy was a an asshole. He eventually stopped.

I second your pitting, and would like to expand it a bit to include neighbors who park in the street without some understandable reason (like having lots of folks over for a party, or getting driveway work done).

The folks in my neighborhood do that constantly, and it drives me nuts! All the houses in my neighborhood have three-car garages, with driveways to match. And what do I see? A huge, completely empty driveway, and a car parked out in the street. Isn’t the entire POINT of having a multicar garage and multicar driveway to give you a place to park that isn’t on the street where you’re getting in everyone else’s way?

Thanks artemis!

Yes, we each have garages and long driveways. DH#2 has 2 car garage but parks his car IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GARAGE so that no one else can share the garage. His daughters and g-kids will park in the driveway so that we cant get our own cars out (again, we share a driveway). When we ask them to MOVE THE CARS, they say they will … in a minute (10 minutes usually).

What kind of p/a or dimwitted nonsense is this?

We had neighbors who’s kids would park in front of our house. There was always plenty of curb space in front of their house, but the kids would stop 50 feet further away to be in front of ours.

Eventually, we surmised that they were pathetically trying to avoid having the landlord notice that the kids were over all the time. Probably had a little talking to about how many people are actually allowed to live in the house, and people not on the lease shouldn’t be staying over night every single night.

Very glad those fools are gone.

Oh its you people doing it. Do you have any idea how many stupid calls we get like this? Its a public street. The street in front of your property does not belong to you. Get over it.

Be a shame if there was a wall of cut grass plastered along the side of it…

“Oh sorry, didn’t realize the mower would be blowing it into your car. Usually we’re the only ones who park in front of our house.”

If you want to get nasty, you can put debris in the curb edge. Have any tree trimming branches that will stick out beyond the curb and be sure to scratch their car? Perhaps some dog crap in the street at the curb and on the lawn at the passenger side door? You could be riding your bicycle and accidentally crash into a parked car. Or you could just report them to the town police as a nuisance. Next time they block your entrance to the driveway, complain that an emergency caused you to graze their car due to your need to get to the hospital.

I’d like to add my own complaint about people who park in my spot at the grocery store. I called dibs on that spot years ago.

I am technically the only house on my block. I have a next door neighbor, but their house faces a different street. There are people across the street - their house also faces a different street.

You would think no one would park in front of my house, as that would be silly. Yeah, no.

Friends of the neighbors, instead of parking on their respective streets (which are always wide open, no worries about finding space) park in front of my house.

Usually Im NOT anal about it, but if you had actually read my first post you would realize WHY it annoys me at times … times that I need access to the front of my OWN HOUSE FFS. And of course, they are never there to move their damn cars.

All I can say is, what a shame if the old rotten tree limbs in front of my house (the city’s trees not mine) fall on their cars because they were parked there all week while they took off for Florida … heheh. :cool:

I guess that I am in the minority but I don’t give a shit who parks where. I park in my garage and prioritize parking as close to my house as possible when I can’t use the garage. Either way, as far as I am concerned, people can park anywhere they want. I don’t own the street in front of my house.

Neighbors come in two varieties: civilized and savage. Perhaps, you should role-play the savage till your neighbor’s breach of human decency is abated.

I don’t usually have a problem with it, and our neighbor’s kids park in front of our house all the time. We did have a problem when the daughter’s boyfriend parked THISCLOSE to our driveway opening and left on vacation for a week, blocking our mailbox access and our usual spot for our cans on trash day. He did not leave a set of keys with our neighbor, so his vehicle sat there until he got back. :mad: I will have to say that they have not parked in front of our house AT ALL since. I think our neighbor said something to him about it.

I see what you did and I applaud it. :smiley:

It seems trivial but having gone through it myself, it can be very annoying. And you’re right. It’s a public street for everyone to use not just select ingrates who think its just for them and not even in front of there own home…

We had this problem for a very long time until it became necessary to park our truck on the curb instead of the driveway. We need access to the curb in front of our house at least once a week to put the trash cans out there, not to mention when folks come over, etc. Not only was it an ongoing fight to have a bit of space out there, the neighbors across the way would frequently put two cars there and overlap our driveway. Once they moved our trash cans off the curb and into the driveway so they could put a car on the curb.

The most irritating part was these folks had room in front of their own house but wouldn’t use it. However, when we had to start putting the truck on the curb, a miracle happened and they figured out how to park in front of their own house! :smiley:

Glad you agree.

You know, there are many reasons to complain about living under an HOA dictatorship, but one of the good things is when stuff like this comes up. My new neighbors were literally blocking in my driveway (on both sides) every day because they had no less than 7 cars for their household. I asked them really sweetly and politely once to just try to not block the drive way (“Hey, it’s totally cool that you park in front of my house, but can you guys just keep an eye out? You’ve blocked my driveway before and I can’t get my car in or out?”) and the douche told me to fuck off. War. War was declared.

I wrote the HOA and the family was warned. They kept it up. I walked over to the HOA President’s house, she walked back with me to mine, saw my driveway being blocked, then did her magic. Apparently they were fined and strangely, ever since, they haven’t blocked anybody’s driveway-- or even parked on the street. Fancy that.

I’m not wasting my time or the police department’s time calling about such a trivial matter. But I see no reason why I can’t rant about it here. My neighbors, like me, all have three-car garages. They have three-car driveways long enough to accommodate at least two cars in each space. That’s enough room total to park nine cars. WHY do they need to inconvenience everyone by parking in the street?!