Neil Bush joins the Ted Cruz campaign...

…as a member of his Finance Team

For those of you playing along at home, recall that Neil was famously involved in the Silverado Savings and Loan fiasco back in the 1980s. This debacle cost the public over a billion dollars. Neil wasn’t convicted of any wrongdoing, but he came close:

That he is on Cruz’ Finance team boggles the mind. Did Jeb send him in to sabotage Cruz?

Sabotage? Republican voters don’t care about rich bankers playing Whoopsie! with the regulations. Regulations are hurting our economy. Accountability is for the little people. It wasn’t technically illegal. It was only a $50,000 fine. No big deal.

This is about the Establishment giving up on their Rubio dreams and looking to make the most of things with Ted Cruz.

The mind boggles. Anybody remember the Tom Tomorrow cartoon in which the Bushes finally let Neil out of wherever they’ve been keeping him? He looks like a caveman: “Neil FREE now! Neil want MEAT! And WOMAN!”

Love how the WaPo article gives exactly zero context on Neil other than his filial relationship. Super helpful, guys.