Neil Diamond has fans?

I was in Vegas for Thanksgiving because that’s where my parents live. They always have the entertainment guides lying around. I was thumbing through one, and saw the usual ads for tribute singers: Elvis, Jackie Wilson, Buddy Holly and…Neil Diamond?

I can’t believe there are that many people who want to see the real thing, let alone a tribute singer! Are there really that many ND devotees?

[sub]I also think Wayne Newton should have kept the mustache[/sub]

Unless it was just press junket hype for the movie Saving Silverman, apparently Jack Black is a fan of his. I used to work with a guy who said that Neil Diamond was cool because he sang at The Band’s The Last Waltz concert. So there’s a few people who like him.

Hey, just remember even Engelbert Humperdinck still has at least one fan out there. :wink:

But why would anyone pay money to see a Neil Diamond tribute singer/impersonator? Different strokes for different folks and all, but I can’t see sitting through that show unless they paid me.

Wait till the Barry Mannilow impersonators start showing up. At that point, I begin broadcasting invasion requests to any alien life forms that might be listening.

Are you kidding? Neil Diamond has bajillions of fans. I’ve been to one of his concerts (it was a gift for my mom) and they packed a huge stadium in Atlanta. Lots of early-middle-aged people standing up and dancing around, singing along. I have to say the guy puts on a really BIG show.

Y’all can mock all you want, but Neil Diamond’s had a LONG career as a songwriter/singer (must be close to 40 years by this point). You build up a lot of fans over that length of time, fans which <insert hip but safely obscure non-mass-market band name here> will have to work for a few dozen more years to accumulate.

As Sol Grundy pointed out, there are TONS of Neil Diamond fans. I don’t happen to be one of them, but I once dated a girl who’s entire family were rabid Neil Diamond fans. I was dragged along to a concert and it was packed to the rafters and the people in attendance were getting off pretty hard.

Damn, ain’t this a beautiful noise?
I’m one of those Neil Diamond fans. I’ve never seen him myself. I’d sure love to see him live, but I don’t think I’d waste the time going to see an impersonator. I think I’d just asoon put on “Live at the Greek” and let my better working imagination do the show for me.
Like wise for Barry Manilow (and just what is wrong with Barry?)

Neil Diamond has loads of fans- the last time he played Austin, a few months back, he drew at least 15,000 people. That’s a LOT more than many current “hot” acts would draw.

And even though Neil hasn’t had a hit in quite some time, it seems as if, every few years, somebody has a smash hit with a cover of one of his OLD songs. UB40 made “Red Red Wine” a hit, then Urge Overkill made “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” a hit, and most recently, “Shrek” made “I’m a Believer” popular again. Each time, it’s a shot in the arm for Neil’s career.

I have to confess, I enjoy much of his music.

I’m one of those Neil Diamond fans, too. The last time he played in NYC, it was very, very hard to get tickets. He puts on a great show. My boss took a group of people from the office, and even the non-Neil fans in our party admitted afterward that he’s extremely engaging and entertaining on stage.

I’m not sure I would run out to see a Neil Diamond tribute act, however, the fact that its in Vegas changes things a bit. I would do a lot of things in Vegas that I probably wouldn’t do anywhere else. I usually don’t go to five shows in a week in my usual life, but if I’m in Vegas, I’m on vacation and that means I want to be entertained every waking moment. I would cheerfully see all the tribute acts mentioned in the OP, including Neil.

The Neil Diamond segment is in there so the cool people in the audience can slip out to the lobby for a smoke without missing anything good.

I always wondered about Diamond’s appearance in The Last Waltz myself.

Yes, unfortunately there are lots of fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish out there…

Oops, wrong “ND!”

I’d go see Neil Diamond in a heartbeat. However, I don’t find impersonators to be entertaining - what a waste of time and money.

Yes, IMO Neil Diamond rules. Yes rules.

I grew up listening to him (8-tracks, cassettes) in my parent’s carpeted Dodge van and now, I know all his songs by heart.

I guess I did not have a choice.

Most people thought he sold out after that “Heartlight” song from ET came out.

Hot August Night is one helluva double CD.

Oh yes. Both my husband and I are HUGE Neil Diamond fans. I’d pay good money to see him in concert.

My parents used to listen to him, which is what got me started. Not sure what my husband’s story is.

My husband and I HAVE paid good money to see him in concert, and we loved it!! He’s got a lot of fans, and I’m one of them.

My mother-in-law swears his farts have a nice bouquet, she’s so crazy about him.

Normally this isn’t a problem, unless there’s a frikkin Neil Diamond marathon special on while she’s visiting. I guess it did result in me finally cleaning the garage.

I recall hearing some time back, that ND’s concerts had all been sold out for a phenomenal number of years. Not sure if the context I heard this in was because the string was broken. I’ll see if I can google anything.

I had the pleasure of attending a Barry Manilow concert once. It was - um - interesting.

C’mon man, you gotta like Neil Diamond.

There’s actually a tribute group called Superdiamond that I believe have a massive following. ( , I belive.) I saw them after an Oakland A’s game once and can’t say I was too impressed, but a lot of the people were really grooving on it.

I do like much Diamond product though and can completely understand his following.