Neil Gaiman's bookshelves

Check these puppies out. Corresponding article.

I am pea-green with envy. When I become a best-selling author and am immensely rich, my house is gonna look like that.

Yes please. I bet he saves a fortune on wall-hangings and paint.

I note from the last picture: he still does have enough shelves for all his books.

I remember reading an interview with him once where he was complaining about his busy schedule and how he didn’t have any time at all to read and he’d only read something like 35 books in the last 3 weeks or something . . . it sounded :dubious: but if true it was :eek::eek:.

It looks like he went to the nearest Goodwill and just started grabbing at random. Sure, you’ll always have something to read, but it makes for a weird looking collection.

Nah. If you look close-up to catch the titles – you’ll see he’s got the kind of books you’d expect a fantasy author to own.

One cool thing I noticed is that he has Lirael but not the other two Abhorsen books, but the books on that shelf are leaning, like some books are missing. I expect Sabriel and Abhorsen are next to his bed or by a chair.

I’m envious of the books but not the space. The shelves aren’t very attractive – looks like a warehouse.

I like the way some of the shelves on the long wall are stair-stepped, so that he can double-stack his paperbacks and still be able to see the ones in the back.

Are those pictures of heaven?

Heck, my library room is more impressive than that. It has corridors.

Love it, especially the way the bottom shelves are angled.

Any idea what kind of creature this headbelongs to? At first I thought jackelope, but it actually looks more like a tauntaun.

At one point, he employed a librarian. Don’t know if he still does.

I don’t think the bottom shelf is angled, I think those books are leaning sideways a little bit and it creates an optical illusion.

I don’t see any vertical separators at all on that long wall of shelves. They’re just tightly packed, except for the very bottom row.

Hmm. I wonder if he’s hiring. I could even dress like Lucien.:smiley:

Tauntalope, then.

What? If they can put one together, then it can be a word.

Now I know exactly where I want to hole up when some sort of fictional apocalypse goes down.
Step 1. Jump in car and head for Minnesota…

I’d like to put in a request for Psmith and Jeeves, please.

From his blog:

Excuse me, I think I have to leave before the jealousy in here gets too thick to breathe.

Wisconsin. Near Menomonie as I recall. Not too far from the Twin Cities, but if you aim for Minnesota, you’ll be off.

Yeah, his dust jacket bios usually say he lives “Near Minneapolis”, but I used to live in Wisconsin and judging from what he’s said on his blog about how long it takes him to drive where then he must be somewhere in western Wisconsin. I’d have guessed west of Eau Claire, so Menomonie sounds like about the right area.

Nice. My plan was just to head for Minneapolis and watch for zombie honeybees, but, being in eastern Wisconsin myself, I’d probably pass through there first.

If I still had all the books and manga I ever owned, I could probably have matched that. But he’d have won me with the top floor.

At my peak, I had about 12 bookshelves worth. Then I gave 80% of my manga to a work buddy, and another 80% of my regular books went to the library.

I wish I had it all back. :frowning: