Neil Young married? I missed the memo

According to this generally reliable source, Neil Young now refers to long-time girlfriend Daryl Hannah as “my wife.”

Yeah, there was a report of it some weeks back, but it didn’t make much of a [DEL]Splash[/Del] uh, impact.

I’m wondering what other life changes culturally significant singer-songwriters have gone through lately.:confused:

You didn’t miss it. They didn’t publicize it.

Neil Young and Daryl Hannah. That’s… random.

I know, right? I had the exact same reaction.

I don’t know why. They are both celebrities of a sort who have plenty of spaces like charities where they could have met and interacted. And who knows what kind of people they are in private - especially with actors like Hannah it is a big mistake to assume anything from roles or even public personas.

But it still seems just a little odd somehow :cool:.

Jeez, I thought for sure he had been married to the same person for years. Wondered what happened to her?

I got my invite. :confused:

As is Neil and toy trains.

None of the things mentioned (trains, hannah) are random if you know about Neil Young’s sons and his causes. I remember reading about this a few years back. I think David Crosby said some nasty stuff (not that I’m saying he was definitely wrong) on twitter and/or some interviews about Ol’ Neil dumping Peggy for Hannah, and that’s just one of the reasons there will be no future CSNY shows.

They (Young and his second wife, Pegi) got divorced in 2014. They were married for thirty-six years.

Pegi Morton Young continues to perform and released an album in 2017.

Young also lived with actress Carrie Snodgrass for five years and has a son, Zeke, with her. He may seem like the Unabomber but he’s got deep Hollywood roots.

Sticking your dick in the woman Jackson Browne hurled downed a flight of stairs. That’s gotta be…an experience.

Yeah, I read that. I don’t feel different about the jerks music, though. Just saying.

Well, it’s not like it’s Justin Beaver, or whatever that kid’s name is.

How about the daughter of one? Quincy Jones’ daughter Rashida Jones (of Office, Parks & Recreation, and Angie Tribecca fame) apparently just had a baby and kept the whole thing off of social media

Note that Pegi got Broken Arrow Ranch in the divorce.

Considering his stroke, personal changes, etc., he’s pretty much not Neil Young anymore.

Him and goofy Darryl oughta fit fine together then.

And the woman John Kennedy J .boinked.

Yeah, it would appear that DH has a thing for singer song writers, so not so random.

he has 2 kids with cerebral palsy and another child is epileptic. Because of that he does a benefit concert every year for a school he helped to found , The Bridge school. The school is designed for kids with speech problems or physical problems.

Did. They were discontinued in 2017, maybe temporarily but more likely permanently. The school is apparently stable financially and it appears( based on the mention of “personal issues” on NY’s part )that the divorce might have been a part of what led to the decision.