Neko Case - The Other Woman on iTunes

If you go to iTunes and search for Neko Case you won’t get her new albums. For some reason they are listed under the “The Other Woman” for artist. Any ideas why this could be?

Actually, it is “The Other Women”

I’ve never been to iTunes, so I can’t help, but I do have a comment and a question.

The comment: I adore Neko Case. She’s one of my favorite female singers, a great songwriter, and gorgeous to boot. I have all four of her albums plus both of the New Pornographers albums. I’m always happy to see anyone else taking an interest in her.

The question: Are you Erwin Chemerinsky, the famous Constitutional Law professor?

Ah, figured it out. Neko Case and Carolyn Mark, another singer who is supposed to be in the same vein, made a side project called the Corn Sisters, and they released a live album called The Other Women. It’s more obscure than Neko’s solo albums, and I’ve never even heard it. But here’s a link to the listing, so you can see if the songs match up with what you saw on iTunes.