Nemco commercial fruit/vegetable chopper/dicers

Anyone use the Nemco brand commercial grade fruit and vegetable chopper/dicers?

Thinking of adding one of these to our kitchen.

That’s essentially a french-fry cutter like you’d see mounted on the wall at In N Out. Seems big, clunky, and not very versatile when compared to a full-sized mandoline.

Unless you’re looking to french-fry cut or clumsily dice a LOT of veggies, a mandoline and a knife, or possibly a knife and one of those slap-chop things would probably be much better for a home kitchen IMO.

I’ll second what bump said. It’s going to work great if you want to make fries, lots and lots of fries (which is really all it’s made for). If you want to dice things, either learn to use a chef’s knife of get a slap chop.

Slap Chops really do work well enough, but I always encourage people to learn how to use a chef’s knife. It’s much more versatile and if you’re using the Slap Chop you’re going to have to clean that AND a knife anyways.

My wife and I typically use the slap-chop for when we want to chop something finer than is worth the effort to do with a knife; e.g. if we want 1/8-1/16" sized pieces, it’s a lot easier to cut the food into 2"x3/8"x3/8" pieces with a knife, then slap-chop the tar out of it until it’s all reduced to tiny dice.

But for something like 3/8" cubes? Unless we’re talking about an entire sack of potatoes, it takes about 20-30 seconds per potato/onion/carrot/etc… at most with a good chef’s knife.