Nemo Factual Q: Pirranhas

Ok, the spelling may be off, but… do pirranhas (sp?) glow? If not, what fish was Disney/Pixar portraying in a scene from the deepest and blackest scene in the movie? Although just a movie, the details on the animals are usually very accurate. - Jinx

That wasn’t a pirranha. It was a Deep Sea Angler.

Yup… deep deep sea fish… evolved dorsal fin elongated into fishing pole type lure with bioluminescence at tip…

Random fish tries to take bait…<CHOMP!>…repeat as neccessary.


A piranha is a fresh water fish from South America. Here’s a picture of a red-bellied piranha. Notice how the mouth is much smaller than the deep sea anglers mouth.

The fantastic The Blue Planet (2001) documentary series dedicates an entire episode to covering the deep sea, and many types of bioluminescence-based creatures are shown, including, if I recall correctly, the deep-sea angler. At the time, some of these creatures had never been photographed before. Indeed, you will have hard time finding as beautiful, lucid and downright clever underwater photography as in this documentary.