Neo Blairism

I sent this to them earlier in the day.

I would like the BBC to discuss the subject of Neo Blairism. In otherwords the distinct shift in ideology that Tony Blair has underwent since September the 11th.

Below is a comment I wrote in reponse to questions about Blair’s ideology with regard to Iraq. I feel this best explains the subject.

Yet they are not the only ones to be disappointed as another group are bordering on riotous, and they are within Blair’s own party. One of the most interesting aspects of the past 18 months has been the emergence of neo-Blairism. The disparity between his “all things to all people” rhetoric of the first term and his new focused ideology is obvious for all to see.

My take on this reinvention is the natural and eventual emergence of Blair’s true apolitical agenda. Labour chose him over Brown due to his showmanship, his style, his image and most importantly his appeal to Middle England Conservative voters. This has now come back to haunt them. Blair has shifted his long-term career focus from the Euro to the War. Before September the 11th he wanted to be known as the man that brought Britain into Europe now he wants to be known as a European political messiah with regards to the Middle East. He’s only interested in his legacy.

Blair’s not even a career politician anymore he’s a new entity, a despocrat. A chameleon like democratically elected dictator that is shrouded by the cogs, levers, pullies and inner workings of the political machine. Blair has no political archetype to call his own. How can you trust a man who believes in nothing but stands for everything?

He’s the epitome of ambiguity. Turning his back on the traditional stance of the party or manifesto pledges on education, the elderly, the unions, and now his stance on the war is at odds with a large percentage of his party. The truth of the matter is for New Labour read New Conservative. He is the evolution of Thatcherism. It’s just too ironic that he’s leading a bunch of old fashioned socialists.

What does it mean for the country when you have Labour MP’s standing up in parliament and saying “I’m proud of my party, but utterly ashamed of my government.”

Tony never says no, he says yes…but. Isn’t that the crux of the problem?

But then again, just maybe he is convinced of what he is trying to convince everyone else. No that would be too simple.

Deuteros sent it to whom?

Saen. Convinced? That is never the impression I get from him. Remember, “once you can fake sincerity, the rest is easy”. :slight_smile:

Well I totally believe he is convinced he is doing the right thing. His new found single mindedness is actualy an asset in my opinion as he was a political vacuam previously. What the passage is trying to show is the discongruity and dichotomy of Blairism at this present time. This in turn explains the poisoned tipped hypocrisy that is felt within his party and the growing malaise of his standing among British people.

Frankly, I have always considered him a completely insincere, hypocritical dangerously megalomaniac fk which is why I never voted for him and left the country as soon as possible.

John Le Carre’s famous article - The USA has gone mad attempts an interesting slant on Blair’s recent behaviour:

Whether this “charitable interpretation” is accurate to any extent or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Blair is dangerous and needs to be stopped.