Neophyte at sewing

The other day I popped a button off one of my work trousers. I contemplated using hidden safety pins to keep them wearable. I found some sewing supplies and thought that I might try to sew the button on all by myself, without consulting my sisters.

To my surprise, it was much easier than I thought it would be. The finished product would never impress anyone who is skilled with needle and thread, but I’m a little bit proud of myself.

Sometimes it is fun to discover self-reliance.

Good job, Keep it up!

I actually enjoy sewing. While I am not good at it, I can repair clothes & make simple things. If I had the time to take up another hobby, sewing would be on the short list to consider.

Surprisingly, at least to me, My brother & I can sew as well as most of our sisters. Not the seamstress, but the other ones. They all had at least two years of home economics in HS. Us boys took shop.

I daily use some tool pouches that I made from old blue jeans. Some of my fellow mechanics have asked me to make them some. I tell them that they can make their own as I do not have the time to make them some. The pouches are not ornate, nor even pretty, but they do the job that they were made for.

Again, let me encourage you to continue to at least repair your own clothing. I am pulling for you, 48.

Congratulations! Now get yourself a bottle of clear nailpolish and dab it onto the button thread and you won’t be buttonless for a good long time. Now, about that hole in your sock …

Thank you for the tip about the clear nail polish. I will do that. As for the socks with holes . . .

Probably not. Don’t want to push my luck.

OP: Good on you! Small “victories” really give a sense of accomplishment. I caught the “sewing bug” watching my grandmother do all manner of sewing and repair jobs, but never did anything until I learned to make quilts. It can be addictive. Where to next?

And when you run out of thread, use dental floss, it’s not just for cutting cheesecake anymore.


Never sewed a button on before? :eek:


damn wish I’d thought of that before I finally got rid of my favorite overcoat some years ago.
however a button attachment is going to be part of the birthday present Im getting myself next summer

I asked a friend what he would do if he lost a button off a shirt. “Buy a new shirt.”

Lost the extra button the shirt came with? Good luck finding one that matches. At that point, not sure it’s worth the time to be honest. I sew and even I’d give the average joe that one.

Or just replace all the buttons. Even if you need to have a dry cleaner do it for you, it’s probably still cheaper than a new shirt (and greener).

In my sewing box there is a Ziploc baggie of all the extra buttons that have come with new articles of clothing. Well, all except the ones I’ve actually used.

I’m scared to say it, but I think he even meant if the button came off, and he had the button. But I can’t be sure I remember right :smack:

I consider basic sewing to be an essential life skill, along with following a recipe, balancing a checkbook, changing a tire, and using common hand tools safely and correctly. I think of all the crap that schools are required to waste time on while neglecting these kinds of things - we’re surrounded by incompetents! OK, maybe that’s extreme, but still, so many things I consider to be basic seem to be lost arts.

So good for you for having a go at it!

I enjoy sewing. I like to think I’m better than average at it. I’d like to get a machine.

I sewed stuffed felt Spongebob, Patrick, and Plankton for my niece. I beam with pride when I tell the tale of how I sewed a hole in her skirt. After I was done, she asked to see spot I had repaired. I had done it so well (should one say so seamlessly?) that I couldn’t find it.

I’m somewhat surprised more men don’t sew. I started when my mom refused to repair a coat I loved and she hated. You can track years of progress on that coat.

I learned to make minor repairs years ago, when I was traveling for work. I was living out of a suitcase for months at a time and often not in a position to go shopping for clothes, so at some point I grabbed one of the little “emergency” sewing kits and improvised. I make no pretense of being good at it, but I can put a button back on or mend a seam well enough to get by. It’s not something I practice regularly.

I think I may learn to hem jeans sometime soon.

Believe it or not, the school I attended in 1945 required all the boys as well as the girls to take home ec. As a result, I can sew a button on, mend a seam and follow a simple recipe. And I don’t need nail polish to hold the button on (a couple of stitches through the underside and a knot avoid the harsh spot of polish).

About 50 years ago a colleague of mine lost a button off a shirt and paid $2 (think $20 today) for his dry cleaner to sew it back on. I was appalled.

I like mending and will do hemming if it’s not lined. I have my mom’s Singer from the 1940s (cast iron, straight stitch only) that I use for crafts. My maternal grandma did alterations for Marshall Field’s and my mom was an excellent seamstress but told me she didn’t have the patience to teach me to sew. I supposed I could figure out a basic pattern.

And I agree with everything FCM said. Those are all essential life skills, although I suppose one could argue that NOBODY writes checks any more.