Nephilim and the Combat Myth

Strangely enough, I just read a book by Neil Forsyth, The Old Enemy, that discusses the Nephilim story as a variant of a common “combat myth” from the mid-east dating from about 2000 BC. There are versions from Sumer, Assyria, Babylon, Ugarit… The various Flood stories are part of this tradition, too. The “sons of El (God)” appear in several of these myths, usually as lesser gods in a pantheon with El or Enlil as the chief god. The book of Job also refers to such a council of gods, of which Satan is a member!

In later tradition (especially the Enoch books, which didn’t make it into either the Jewish or Christian Bible), the Nephilim story gets a lot of attention. The Watchers, as they are called, are originally angels of God, but are overcome by lust, and so introduce wickedness into the world. Some of this mythology made it into Christian doctrine, where Satan becomes the leader of the rebel angels.

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