Nerd cool, Dad and 7 yr old send iphone into space

So cool, the included video rocks.

“Page not found.”

Link was abridged. Here ya go.

Wow, that is cool!

Simply amazing. I had quite a reaction to that.

Typical liberal, pinko propaganda - once again trying to prove the world is round instead of flat.

This is cool. I actually do this as my internship with the Minnesota Space Grant Ballooning team. Our website’s borked right now, but if anyone’s interested, I can work on getting some of our videos and pictures to a place where you can see them.

Has any amateur rocketeer team ever launched something into orbit? I’m guess that even for a 1 lb. payload you probably need 10,000 pounds of rocket, or thereabouts. Yes, I know about the likes of Bert Rutan, I’m alluding to more of a bare-bones project.

I think this project is not nearly nerdy-cool enough.

This amateur space launch conforms to a seven point nerd quota. (Although it is clearly inferior in terms of both video quality and sentimentality.)

Well - these guys are actually trying to launch a person into space. Sub-orbital though. It is as low-budget as possible and quite a crazy endeavour.