Nerf guns

I have a fully loaded nerf gun on the stairs to come in the house with a note that says “be prepared”… And I am waiting upstairs with another. My other half will be home any minute…

I bought a nerf gun to play with my cat. The bullets are too fast for him to follow but once they bounce of the wall or the couch he’s pouncing all over them.

Disclaimer: I have not shot the cat himself.

It’s a fun flirty thing to do.

This makes you an awesome person in my book!

How do you lose at nerf? It’s not like paintball, where there’s evidence. Divorces have probably occurred over “nuh-uh! I shot YOU first.”

I think more often the battle ends up moving to the bedroom where the warring parties come to a very amicable truce.

Let me just say that I’d love to come home to something like that.

I hope it was well-received, Mika. Who won? Other details can be provided at your discretion. :wink:

Its also a perfect alibi.

I can’t believe it… I was in the bedroom and a guy busted in with a gun, and I happened to have my shotgun. I had no idea it was my boyfriend.

Just remember to put the note in the shredder before the police arrive.

Guns don’t nerf people-People nerf people!

My family always leaned towards rubber-band guns. From basic small pistols to a large Gatling gun creation. It started simply enough; my one uncle shot a rubber-band at one of my cousins in the usual “by hand” manner. It just escalated from there for many many years.

He won because I was wounded in the arm. But I still got off a few good ones. Fun times! Just because we’re 40 doesn’t mean we can’t still be silly. :slight_smile:

Next time just upgrade your gear. :slight_smile:

“He’s got a Damn Min-gun…!”

We used to have epic nerf battles. Then we got my 80# baby of a pit mix. We had to stop because it stressed her out when Mommy and Daddy shot each other. :rolleyes:

Exactly. And trust me on this, you won’t get any younger!

40 is still young!

I’m 53 and consider myself young still! I’m reconsidering my usage of exclamation points at this time though.

I’m still 21, just with 42 years of additional on-the-job experience at it! :smiley:

I work mainly for our largest client. Nerf gun wars are a daily occurrence there.

Nerf guns are the rage eh? So I guess I should stop using the ol bleach in a squirt gun attack?

Nerf guns are the reason that nerfs are extinct.
Which is why nerf-herders are scruffy.