Nero, MP3 CD's, and song order

First of all, let me make it clear that all the MP3’s I have on my computer are either from legally purchased CDs’, or downloaded from the artist website. This is not about file sharing.

That said… the mother recently purchased a DVD player that will play MP3 CD’s. I downloaded the trial version of Nero 5.5 so I could make such CDs’. However, the program wants to put the songs on the disk in alphabetical order. I have my songs labeled by “Artist - Songname”, and I don’t really want all the songs by the same artist all together. Is there any way to organize the songs on the CD by myself, or is there another free or free trial program that I can use to burn a MP3 CD? Thanks.

In the CD creation pane, you can simply drag and drop the tracks in whatever order you want in Nero 5.5.

There are also a number of freeware burning apps.

Q.E.D, I’ve been trying to do that. This is the “Nero - Burning Rom” program, not the “Nero Express” program, right? Come to think of it, in the “Nero - Burning Rom” program, how do you even get to the screen to make an MP3 CD? I can get there in Nero Express, and then switch over to the regular program, but I don’t know if that’s the same or not.

I can organize the songs by title, artist, album, genre, bitrate, type, length, or location. However, since the title is the same as the filename, I usually get rid of the album and genre tags, and I don’t want the songs sorted by length, that’s not real helpful.

In Burning ROM, the default option is to open in the Wizard… if it isn’t doing that, switch over. It will ask what kind of media you are using, what you want to do (copy or compile new), and then whether audio or video.

Then just click finish and start compiling.