Nespresso vs ESE machines

Does anyone here own/use either of these? The job I just started has one (Nespresso Le Cube), and although I have only used it once, am in love. I recognize the flexibility of a less automatic machine, but unless it accepts capsules/pods/whatever, I’m not looking at it. We have a burr grinder for the French press, and have watched Alton Brown’s treatise on espresso several times over the years, but I just don’t care to deal with that side. Also, I don’t ever really need to froth milk, because if I’m adding milk to espresso, it’s usually to make a cold drink anyway.

I’ve tried searching the boards, but the responses are mostly from people bemoaning the lack of variety, or the price. I’m concerned with neither, because even at $0.50/ea, two shots a day is a $30/month habit, and I’m totally OK with that.

I’m concerned with the differences between the two systems, Nespresso and ESE - any strong opinions either way?