Netbook Recommendation

Looking into netbooks. All I need it for is web surfing and email. I do want a built-in camera for use with Skype. Have any particular brands surfaced to the top?

The HP DMZ1 and Lenovo x201 are two that I’m looking at. The AMD E350 is the best netbook processor and video combination right now.

I believe you mean the Lenovo X120E. The X201 is a different (also awesome) critter.

I just ordered the X120E for myself. Won’t have it for a couple weeks, so I can’t comment much, but it sure looks great.

Yep, x201 was wishful thinking. I’m leaning to the x120 for the matte display, I’m not a fan of glossy.

The OP is looking for recommendations and opinions. Moved from GQ to IMHO.

samclem Moderator

We bought this one by Gateway for my mom this past Christmas. Like the reviewers, she’s very pleased with it.

I’d look for something with the AMD “Zacate” platform like the HP and Lenovo already mentioned. The Atom just plain sucks. it’s a bit sad that it does so poorly at the one thing it’s designed for.