Netflix auto logon quirk.

Widows 7, Firefox up to date. Only began recently.

I have my Netflix login bookmarked with saved username and password. Recently, it does not work the first time. Sometimes it takes a few clicks of the bookmark to get it to work.

It opens to the proper screen. The information is filled in. But when I click login, it says the info is wrong and blanks the entries. If I reclick the bookmark after that, it works. I began reopening it before clicking login. This usually works. But not always.

I tried deleting that bookmark and recreating it. Still doesn’t work.

Any tips?

You shouldn’t have to use a bookmark to have it auto login with your name and password. Mine automatically logs me in whenever I go to I can’t remember if there’s a “remember me” type of check box somewhere that I had to click to make that work.

If you can’t get that to work, try clearing your cookies and your cache. Make sure you know all of your passwords before you clear your cookies because you’ll probably have to log in to all of your sites again afterwards.

ETA: I signed out and logged back in, and there is a “remember me” check box when you log in. If you check that you won’t have to play games with bookmarks.

I have the browser set to delete cookies and history on exit. So I specifically have the bookmark with the saved login info. I guess I could try adding an exception to clear cookies for Netflix and use the remember me. I’ll try it.

you may also consider … firefox updated it’s browser on 09-20-2016 … specifically the login-manager.

however … you really should consider using password-management program (lastpass or similar) for storing id’s and pw’s … too easy for hackers to exploit browsers remotely.

I don’t know if this is relevant but I received an email from Netflix stating that some third party was hacked and a lot of email accounts and passwords were compromised. I’ve had to change my password to get in. This may not apply to you but this whole thing may be the root cause of your problem.

That may be about the time this started. They are usually quick to fix issues. Not always. But I will just wait it out for a while. Not a big problem, just annoying.