Netflix documentary: Evil Genius

I remember the story being in the news a number of years ago. A man in Erie PA with a bomb around his neck was forced to rob a bank. Apparently there’s a lot more to the story than I realized. I’ve only seen the first episode so far. It’s fascinating, and more than a little disturbing.

Thanks for mentioning this. It sounds really interesting.

I’m still working on “Wormwood”.

(Not quite a zombie bump) Just finished watching, enjoyed it quite a bit. Quite an interesting story with some some real twists and turns. If you’re a fan of the true crime genre it’s definitely worth checking out.

Beyond the regular creepiness of a profile of multiple narcissists*, I found it especially creepy how much Marjorie Diehl talked like Donald Turmp.

*: See also Wild, Wild Country.

This was also very good. There’s a thread discussing it.

Sorry. I’ll try that link again.

In the meantime, I did finish “Wormwood” and was as puzzled when I finished it as I was when I started it, although Errol Morris docos are generally open-ended and therefore have a way of doing that.

I had heard that the Erie bomb guy (sorry, I can’t remember his name) was not as innocent as he was initially thought to have been, but I had no idea that he was so involved until I saw this movie. His collaborators sure were scary.

The Erie bomb-collar robbery is one of the most fucked up true-crime stories I’ve encountered, and I’ve encountered them all as I am an avid reader of the “Unresolved Mysteries” Reddit. I watched the documentary also, and was intrigued by the first-hand accounts of the people involved from people who knew them. I feel it still leaves as many questions as answers.

If Evil Genius becomes an ongoing series, I hope they cover the Brabant Killers eventually. One of the craziest and most baffling crime sprees of all time, and not all that long ago either - 1982 to 1985. The motivations behind the attacks have never been discerned.

After seeing the miniseries, and that Bomb Guy told the police that the bomb was placed on him by some black men who robbed him, I’m also grateful that nobody fitting that description was arrested for this. That might not be the case nowadays.