Netflix instant streaming now available through the Wii

I have heard this rumor for a while, now I just got a notice from Netflix that my free instant streaming DVD for the Wii will be arriving tomorrow. Yay!

Well that’s redundant for me, since I already get streaming Netflix through my Blu-Ray player. But still it’s pretty cool!

I’ve already got a computer hooked up to the TV for Netflix and playing AVIs, and the Wii sits on top of the computer. I don’t need to stream through the Wii but…I signed up for the free DVD anyway. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Humph. I’ve been signed up for MONTHS and I didn’t get any notice. Damn them!

So wait, how does it work? You have to get a DVD? You can’t just run it from your internet-enabled Wii?

I already get Netflix streaming into my Blue-Ray player, but I signed up for the disc so the kids can watch upstairs with their Wii.

Can you have two streaming points for the same account? Could we stream a movie to the Blue-Ray player and another to the Wii at the same time? I don’t see a statement either way on their site.

My friends with an XBOX 360 use my Netflix account to stream movies (shh, don’t tell on me). I use my PS3 and we can use them at the same time. We can’t, however, watch the same thing simultaneously. It may be different with the Wii, but I would guess not.

You get a Netflix DVD that runs in the Wii. It’s how they get around the exclusive deal with Microsoft that lets 360 owners run from software.

Mine showed up today. I’m happy to get it. The streaming through our TV gets hung up sometimes and doesn’t work quite as well as I’d like, so having a second option will be nice when the TV streaming isn’t working.

How’s the picture quality when you’re streaming?

The picture quality is very good, streaming through our Blue-Ray player onto our big screen TV. But our streaming gets hung up sometimes, too, and that’s extremely frustrating because you can’t get it started again without manual intervention - hitting the rewind button, for instance. And the rewind/fast forward response is sluggish and hard to control. And if the stream hangs up once, it will hang repeatedly.

So far it has only ever happened on Saturday nights, so it might be due to network congestion. On other nights it has worked flawlessly.

If you have component cables for your Wii, it does 480p. AFAIK, Netflix doesn’t have HD streaming yet, so right now it’s as good as streaming on any other system.

I thought someone told me the XBox version can stream at least 720p? I thought it was weird that they would do that for Xbox but not for PC… Anyone know what the story is?

As for picture quality on the Wii, I tried my disc out this morning and was pretty impressed. I could see some banding and artifacts, but overall it was very good and pretty close to DVD-quality. I do have the componenet cables and an HDTV. Certainly much better than the SD channels we got from DirecTV (which were compressed ALL to hell) before we switched to Uverse. Of course quality depends on your network speed/congestion, etc. – FWIW I have a 3Mb Uverse connection (basically “interleaved” DSL).

That helps, thanks. I’ve been debating adding netflix to my repertoire, based largely on the ability to stream since I’m notoriously bad at handling discs properly. This may tip things over the edge.