Netflix problems

Just on streaming movies. The picture is jerky, freezes. This just happens on some movies, not all.
I’ve tried lowering the screen resolution to 800X, have 5 mbps download speed, 2 gig of ram, plenty of hard drive space. No problems with discs, you tube, or any other streaming, just Netflix.
Using a Dell 1501 with a Dell 24" monitor. Also using DSL. 1.8 Gig AMD Athelon CPU Dual core, ATI Radion express 1150, can’t find how much video memory I have.

Can anyone help me?

The problem has been discussed at Hacking NetFlix and perhaps at Netflix Movie Fans. I seem to recall the the responses are mostly but not entirely negative.

Something I’ve noticed is that anything you stream that was originally shot on video (e.g. MST3K) now has a cheap, Filmlook™ about it. IOW they have neither the smoothness of 30fps nor the contrast of videotape. Really annoying because even though I know film is better than video (analog video anyway) these look decidedly worse. Not to mention just plain wrong (MST3K is supposed to look like videotape!!)

I’m using a TiVo to stream Netflix and I have plenty of bandwidth (HD stuff plays fine). In fact I just now tried playing an episode on my PC and it too has that annoying, non-videotaped look about it. Is this how the MST3K DVDs look? Or is it Netflix?

My MST video streaming looks good when I’m in the 1920 X 1080 video mode, but when it starts getting the “Slide Show” quirk I have to drop down to 800 X 600 mode and of course the video quality drops. (With no improvement!)
janeslogin, thanks for the reply, and you’re correct, mostly negative.
I’ll just have to keep trying different things I guess. :rolleyes:

I am so glad I saw this because I’m having the same problem, but just one one of my computers. It just started up a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it’s the one most often used for Netflix streaming.
It takes forever to load and then it’s choppy.